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    my usb cable is work now! check the USB port on the mother board carefully

    the reason of my usb cable doesn't work is that the USB port on the mother board isn't USB2.0 it is USB1.1 ,however the mother board support USB2.0 and if you want to use 2.0,you need buy a piece of USB2.0 hardware,but i don't wanna buy anything more, so i change to ANOTHER computer and the...
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    please tell me what does the 5 stars on the screen means ??

    there are 5 stars while a song played if you press the select button, and they are empty or full stars , but i don't know what this empty or full star means i guess maybe sound quality but i can't find any difference between empty and full ,is there somebody can give me some explaination...
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    please help ,USB cable doen't work !

    i have received USB cable,but when i connect it to my PC , computer says find a USB ware ,but can't recognize it , i got firmware 2.0.1 on my ipod and PC and i use the dock, is there someboday can help me ?
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    this link is broken :Windows: iPodSync 2.5 Released

    dear webmaster this link does not work ,Windows: iPodSync 2.5 Released
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    you can creat new folder in NOTE !

    hi guys ,i find you can creat new folder in NOTE in ipod, so that you can manage your lyric very easy way, just creat a folder on your compter and name it with the al###'s name,and put all lyrics of this al### into this new folder and after you finish work,drag this folder into ipod NOTE...
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    does computer virus can live in ipod?

    hi guys, you know sometimes we got virus in our computer,and our computer will become slow running and sometime they don't work anymore, so i am afraid if the computer virus will come into my ipod and live there and do someting bad to my lover ? i used 1-2-3 gen ipod since it comes out,but i...
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    easy way to put on your ipod earbuds in summer.

    as you know ,the ipod's wire is too long and uncomfortable if you put it on from your chest to your ears,you will feel bother when you trun R/L your head to look at a pretty girl:D , now the summer coming and this morning i find a easy way to solve this problem , first of all you must in NUDE...
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    my gen 1-2-3 ipod story

    i ever have a 5G scrollwheel 1st gen Wipod and when i heard that apple will put out their new version ,i sold it to someone and get back some money so i have enough money to buy the new 2nd gen 10G touchwheel Wipod ,then this month i try my best to get the 15G 3rd gen Wipod, and friend says "you...
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    where is the all my/somebody's post function gone?

    i remember in the old X forums ,there is a function which can find all somebody's posts ,i do think this is a really very useful function to all people ,bcz 1- you can check all yourself posts by just one click 2- when you read a post of other people and this post is something that interested...
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    songs 1528 ,capacity 13.8GB, Available 13.8 G

    i have a new 15G 3rd gen ipod, i use MMJB to upload all my 1528 songs into it ,but the ipod(setting --> about) says i still have AVAILBLE 13.8 GB :eek: :confused: , does anyone of you got the same problem ?
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    how to delete songs from OTG playlist ?

    does anybody of your guys know can i delet a song from on the go playlist ?:rolleyes:
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    why my post icon is dot folder ??????

    why my post icon is dot folder ?????? what's that icon really mean ?:confused: , someone can give me a explain ?
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    help ! skip problem

    i download some mp3 from internet ,the can be played perfect on my pc ,but in ipod ,they can not be play ,skip skip to next ,why ?
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    help !how to set music alarm ?

    i got my new 3gen 15G ipod yesterday, it just so nice ,and i can't put it down untill middle night , but when i try to set a music alarm for morning wake up call, i only can find DODO sound in ipod , in fact i want to set a hard rock pop music for my morning wake up call ie FOOFIGHTER's ALL MY...
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    why my post icon is :dot-folder

    why my post icon is :dot-folder
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    wanna buy BELKIN's gear for iPod !

    i really love those accessory from BELKIN company , ie FM ,isee case ,isplitter ,etc, but i'm in china ,i do a search on internet ,want find if they have agency in china or hongkong,but nothing can be found. if someone here know anything about this please let me know .
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    will you sell old one if firmware 2.0 can't use on it ?

    it is not clear if the firmware 2.0 can be used on the old model ipod , to me i hope my 2nd gen ipod can be update to firmware2.0, i think this is the best way, but i also like 3rd gen new ipod ,if the old one can not be update to 2.0 ,maybe i have to sell the old one then buy a new one, and...
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    looking for IEEE1394 support for win98

    i ever see a software which can make IEEE1394 useable on WIN98 ,but i forget where is it , if you guys know please let me know ,thanks.