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    Problem with trying to load earlier stories on ilounge homepage from iPad

    I was wondering if it is my iPad, or the site? Looking through the main page on ilounge, and tapping previous articles does nothing for some reason. I cannot read any articles except what is on the first page. Anybody else having this issue? I don't have it on any other site.
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    3.1 issue? No sound on device after unplugging auto adapter

    As said in the title, I think the iPod still thinks it's plugged in, I am thinking this is a 3.1 thing as it happened after I upgraded my 2G 32gb Touch. Anyone else noticing this issue?
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    Who got the new 64GB Touch?

    Just curious, I have contacted my 3 local Apple Stores and a couple Best Buys, and it appears nobody has it yet in NJ. I have read a few posts with people saying they got theirs. I was hoping the members that have them in hand could mention where they got em? Thanks.
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    FS: iPod Touch 2nd Gen 32 Gig

    Low starting bid, 100% Feedback No reserve :)
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    Sirius/XM on iPhone/iPod Touch without the hassles

    I'm surprised this hasn't been mentioned on the title page. Go to App store and search Pocket Tunes. Download it for $9.99. Go to the Web tab on the bottom of the screen, type in tap Media Player on the page, type in your Sirius Username and Password..... You now have Sirius...
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    Sirius/XM on iPod Touch/iPhone without all the hassles

    I'm surprised this hasn't been mentioned on the title page. Go to App store and search Pocket Tunes. Download it for $9.99. Go to the Web tab on the bottom of the screen, type in tap Media Player on the page, type in your Sirius Username and Password..... You now have Sirius...
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    64 gig Touch

    Is it just imposible to make this, too expensive? :confused: Or will they quietly release it like they did with the 32 Gig last major announcements, just listed on the site? Hmmmmm
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    2nd Gen Touch

    Man, it was just about perfect. Volume switch, external speaker, just one thing missing is I was hoping they would release one in 64 Gigs. Maybe they will do like they did last year and release THAT 1-2 months after the release.
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    Pleeeeeease someone help with my internet problem

    I did a search and saw no solutions, I'm really hoping this is something that could be fixed. I get Wireless internet at my office full signal on my Touch before and after the 2.0update. I get it at Paneira Bread, no problem, got it at a rest area this weekend no problem also with the 2.0...
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    What happened to the tone of the iLounge forums?

    I am just venting a little, this is not meant to be flaming, but is it just me, or has there been a bit of an attitude introduced into the forums lately? I used to visit this site often for the helpful reviews, troubleshooting, and enjoyable discussions on the greatest music gadget ever...
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    Play/pause when charging takes a few taps???

    :confused: Ive been having a recurring issue with my Touch when I am tapping Play/Pause in music mode, it happened on my previous 16 Gig, and I am having it on my 32 Gig. Sometimes when I am charging my Touch at home or in my car, when I tap to stop the music, it doesnt respond, I have to tap...
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    Does wifi always stay on?

    just curious If wifi is on in settings does it always stay on until you turn it off whether you are connected to the network or not? I seem to lose a lot of battery life quickly unless I manually turn of off in settings, whether my touch is turned on or not.
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    $25 off 32 Gig Touch

    Just thought I'd give you all a friendly heads up, Amazon, Best Buy, and Circuit City have the 32 Gig Touch on sale for $25 off. Hope that makes your decisions easier.
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    Itunes Syncs but 32 Gig Touch does not show the sync screen?

    Hey all, I'm trying to get this resolved. I had ALOT of problems yesterday with synching my Touch, Itunes crashing, freezing, not shutting down, ultimately not completeing the sync. It seems like it is working now, the Itunes is showing the Touch is syncing, however, my Touch is not showing...
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    Itunes freezing/not responding with Ipod Touch

    How's it going guys, you have always been fantastic with helping in creative ways in fixing issues, I'm hoping you can pull through here. Here's my problem: I upgraded my 16 Gig Touch to a 32 Gig Touch on Saturday. I transferred all my music videos and everything over at 128 Kps AAC, after 11...
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    FS: iPod Touch 16 Gig Like New in Box w/ original accessories

    I am selling a 16 Gig Ipod Touch, it comes like new and carefully packed in the box with John Lennon on the box cover the way it comes from the factory. It is in perfect condition. E-mail me with any questions, serious inquiries only please. I am selling for $350 or Best Offer. It's only a...
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    Circuit City & Best Buy 8 Gig $264 16 Gig $359

    Hey guys, If you purchased your Touch within the past 30 days at most stores you can bring your receipt and receive a pricematch refund for the difference you paid, print out Circuit City or Best Buy's prices. If you are currently looking to purchase a Touch, this is the perfect time as they...
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    SOLD: Like New Black Ipod Classic 80 Gig $215 or BO

    Hey guys, I'm selling my 80 Gig Ipod Classic, details and photos are at the following link. Feel free to respond or PM me if you are interested. Thanks, Doug
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    Music Symbol next to battery meter

    Hello all, I am curious, the last couple of days, I've noticed a tiny Music Note symbol next to the battery meter to the left of it on the top right corner of the screen. I'm not playing any music, can somebody tell me what this is? I did a search and nothing came up. Thanks in advance for...
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    iPhysics and other games

    Hi all, I was playing iPhysics last night on a pretty full battery. after about an hour the unit was pretty warm (like when charging, not alarmingly hot) but the battery dropped below 20% pretty quickly after playing. about 30 minutes later the battery meter was teetering between a quarter...