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    Wifi sync does not always work

    I have an iPhone 4 and sync with a Toshiba net book. I have had this combination for over a year and until wifi syncing I would sync by hard wire. As I use the iPhone to listen to current affairs, news and sport podcasts these update daily if not more often. To keep up to date I need to wifi...
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    Iphone4 "mobile usage" what do you use

    With a lot of "talk" about possible caps on data downloads I have decided to track my "mobile usage" on my iphone4. This I found under settings/general/usage then mobile usage. I have taken the readings monthly and then reset to zero. My contract started at the end of September 2010 so the first...
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    Syncing a calendar between iPad and iPhone

    I have an ipad2 and an iPhone 4. I use a netbook loaded with windows 7 to synchronies both items. I am very happy that my address book in Windows contacts allows my contacts to be updated to both the iPad and the iPhone when they are synced. My problem is my calendar. I have got very comfortable...
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    Organizing email folders

    How do I create new folders in my email on the iPad. I have Inbox, sent and trash.. I can not find how to create extra folders. Thanks for any advise.
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    Should I buy iPhone 4 before October?

    I heard lots of comments about signal strength when the iphone 4 came out. This was sorted by Apple with some comment about September. I am just about to get a 32g Black and wonder should I wait. Is anything going to be announced at the end of September>
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    Programme notes of Podcast in Chinese

    When I listen to a BBC podcast (example Best of Today) The screen shows the Today team's photo like an album cover. If I then tap the screen to bring up the time elapsed/time remaining bar the, what I assume to be, Programme notes are in Chinese. (It could be Japanese, I don't know the...
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    Why Chinese characters on itouch BBC podcasts

    I have been listening to podcasts for 5 years with various ipods (3rd gen 30gb and Nano's) I now have a 8gb Itouch. When listening to a podcast and I tap the screen to check the remaining run time of a BBC podcast the "programme notes" come up as Chinese characters. has anyone any knowledge of...
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    "Other" on syncing just getting bigger now 217.3 MB

    I have a strange problem. I have an 8GB nano 4 months old. I manually sync and have music, podcasts and have/had my address book on it. However recently when looking at the contacts SOMETIMES the nano crashes and takes about 10 seconds to recover. Sometimes the full list of contacts comes up...
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    No Podcasts at the Apple Store

    No Podcasts at Apple Store! During a visit to London England (I live in Luxembourg) I was looking forward to visiting the Apple Store in Regent Street. It is a huge shop on two floors and is the ultimate temple for Apple enthusiasts. Although a PC user I have had a 5th generation video Ipod for...