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    win 1.3 help

    yesterday i downloaded the win 1.3 updater and installed. tonight when i attemped to put on the pod and the updater had an error saying "the updater software can not install firmware. ipods hardware and firmware updater not compatable" i need help !!! thanks btw sorry if this should be posted...
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    firewire cables

    can u use any firewire cable to charge the pod or do you have to use an apple one. I ask because I have to move the one cable that came with the pod from the computer to my desk when I want to charge. I might buy another apple cable but I am sure it would be cheaper if i just bought a regulare...
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    ephpod playlist problem

    I use ephpod (duh) and I have found that my playlists double, ie in the lists of songs in a playlist in both ephpod and my pod all the songs are listed and then listed again in the same playlist. Is there a way from stopping this from happening?
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    what is moodlogic and is it good at what it is?
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    whats with .......

    the fetish that some users have of quoting a whole post and then posting it within their post which is directly below the original post???????? All this does is duplicate the above post. This is not a "quote" and serves no purpose. BTW this is not meant as a flame.
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    ejecting the pod

    Is there a way for the pod to just charge while connected to the computer? I tried stopping the pod with the windows thing but it just keeps spinning and I read its bad to leave it spinning for a long time. Is my only solution leaving it to charge on the wall?
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    iSee vs iSkin

    I want to protect my pod, which is recommended?