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    FS: White 80GB 5.5G Like New iPod w/ video

    This is like new with PDA screen cover on the front. No scratches at all on the front, a little on the back. $210 shipped (U.S.). Payment via paypal only. Pictures will be posted by this weekend. PM me if interested. My brand new 4GB silver Nano is still for sale on this forum as...
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    FS: Apple iPod Nano 2G Silver 4GB - $120 shipped...

    I received a free iPod Nano as described above with my new Macbook Pro (via rebate), and since I have other iPods I do not need it. This item is brand new/unused/unregistered but opened so I could remove the UPC needed for the rebate. I am selling this for $120 shipped (USA only). Payment via...
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    FS: Brand New 4GB Silver Nano

    Brand new in packaging. $200 w/ free shipping to anywhere in the U.S. Payment via PayPal only. I am willing to ship internationally only if you're willing to pay the extra shipping and extra PayPal fees (to be determined). PM me if interested.
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    2G Nano at Apple Refurbished Store

    2G Nano is now available for less...example: 8GB $209.
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    FS: Shuffle, Nano, Dock, and Case

    Shipping cost in parentheses for US only (overseas will be more)...we'll work out the shipping if you buy more than one item together. 1GB Shuffle - 1st Generation (White): $45 USD ($5) 4GB Nano - 1st Generation (Black): $130 USD ($10) 1st Generation Nano Dock (Apple Brand): $16 ($5)...
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    1G vs 2G Capacity

    I noticed that iTunes 7.0.2 shows my 1GB 1G shuffle total usable capacity to be 992.7MB and my new 2G shuffle capacity to be 967MB. Anyone know why they are different? Has anyone else noticed this? Thanks.
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    FS: Apple iPod Nano (1G) Dock

    $17 shipped...will accept offers.
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    FS: Apple iPod Dock with Video out

    Fits 20/30/40/60 GB iPods. Also works with other iPods, but without the custom fit. Has video out to display photos/audio of your TV. $22 shipped...will accept offers.
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    2G Nano Slow Transfer Speed Question

    Has anyone noticed an improvement in the 2G Nano's transfer speed since upgrading from the initial iTunes 7 to 7.0.1? I was wondering if it had anything to do with iTunes, or it is an actual problem within the nano itself. I noticed that my 5G 30GB iPod takes ALOT longer to update in iTunes...
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    FS: Griffin iTalk Voice Recorder (3G/4G iPod)

    $18 shipped (U.S.)... still have original box and paperwork. pm me if interested.
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    Quicktips for designers Podcast Problems

    Anyone having difficulty transferring this particular podcast to their 5G iPod? Quicktips 01 will transfer, but not the rest of the episodes. I noticed that this one shows the files as an mpeg-4, and all the rest are quicktime movie files. I believe it's a compatibility issue, but I have...
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    2G shuffle battery indicator button/light??

    Does anyone know if the new shuffle has one...I can't seem to find any info on it. From the photos so far I can't see a way to check the battery status. Anyone have any info on this? Just curious. Thanks.
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    1G Nano Dock w/ New Nano

    Can anyone with a new 2G Nano and a 1G Nano dock see if they work together and report back? Considering selling my dock with my 4G black Nano as well if it doesn't, but if it does I will just keep it for when I get a 2G 8 Nano. I don't care if it doesn't fit perfectly as long as it works and...
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    FS: Black 4GB Nano + XtremeMac case

    Excellent condition, also with pda protector over screen since purchased new. All in box accessories included also. $150 shipped (more if outside U.S.) me. View Pictures
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    FS: 4G 60GB iPod + Dock + iTalk

    Excellent condition...pda protector over screen since new. all original in box items included. $240 including shipping (a little more for outside U.S.), or make me an offer via pm. View Pictures
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    FS: 4GB Black Nano & 60GB Photo + Extras

    I have relisted my 4GB Black Nano at a lower reserve...see it here: I have also listed my 60GB iPod Color here...
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    FS: 4GB Black iPod Nano + Nano Dock + Black XtremeMac Nano Case

    All of these are in mint condition (I have kept the case on it as well as a pda screen protector), and will only sell them all together (any single one really does me no good without the other). Basically I have just outgrown the 4Gb size and have upgraded to the 5G 30GB. If you're interested...
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    Apple Ipod Shuffle Armband Question

    I was considering ordering refurbished 512MB shuffles for my kids on Apple's site, which come with free armbands for the sole purpose of using one of them in my civic as a holder. My question is...Can you remove the armband from the plastic holder to use it this way. I would be using adhesive...
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    FS: Griffin iTalk & eXtreme Mac Tuffwraps for iPod Nano

    Check out my iPod accessory items for sale... Griffin iTalk for 3G and 4G iPods: eXtreme Mac iPod Nano Tuffwrap (Red)...
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    iPod Nano dock/firmware problem

    I updated my nano today with iPod updater 2006-1-10, and now have noticed that my nano will not sync with my pc nor charge while hooked up to the nano dock. It it is fine however when i plug the usb cable directly into the nano. There is a chance that my dock is defective, but it used to work...