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    Iphone 4 Screen Protectors

    So, has anyone ventured out and bought a screen protector for their iphone? I'm looking for a new one and I don't want any of the screen protectors you need to use water to apply. I forget what brand I bought from for my 3g but that one has been very good. Has anyone purchased any...
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    Updated software ALWAYS gives me problems. Why?

    I've tried updating my touch in the past and everytime I did it would send my touch into recovery mode. I figured that maybe it was just my touch but I just tried updating my girlfriends iPhone and now it's also in recovery mode. Why does this always happen? Luckily I backed everything up.
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    Facebook app notifications

    Hey guys, just got the new iphone and downloaded the facebook app. I previously owned a blackberry and whenever I received a wall comment it would notify me with a little red star in the facebook app icon. Is there a similar feature for the facebook app on iphone? Also, how would I change...
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    Clock Radio for iTouch that fits a case?

    Does anyone know of a good clock radio that would fit a 32gb itouch in a thin case? I just have it in one of the thin griffin shell cases so I was looking to purchase a clock radio that would allow me to dock it without taking it out of the case. Anyone have any suggestions?
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    64gb Itouch...When?

    Does anyone know when we can expect a 64gb touch? I have the 32 right now but I could really use the extra space.
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    Help converting AVI

    I have an AVI file that I'd like to convert. I tried using Videora but I'd like to compare the quality to something else. Does anyone have any other suggestions for a good program to convert with? I've heard of handbrake but that doesn't allow you to load an individual avi.
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    So...we don't have to jailbreak anymore?

    So we don't have to worry about jailbreaking our ipod now that the SDK has been released?
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    Where can I find apps?

    I'm new to everything itouch but I'm just trying to get some ideas for where I can download apps and such? What are some good sites for SNES & NES roms?
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    Jailbreak an itouch? 1.1.4

    Hey guys, I just bought an iTouch and I'm trying to jailbreak it in order to install 3rd party apps. What are the risks associated with it? Is there anything I should be weary of before I try it? I currently have firmware version 1.1.4. How exactly do I install the jailbreak app? Sorry if...
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    For the love of god!!!!

    I hate iTunes and I'm starting to hate my iPod. Seriously, I've never thought that Apple was capable of dropping the ball as badly as they did with these latest releases. Every time I go to upload an album or song it'll transer the song over and then it'll start determining gapless playback...
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    Why do I have so much wasted space?

    I finally got my iPod working with artwork but I'm a little disturbed by something. I went and added artwork to about 4000 out of the 4500 songs on my iPod and now everything is showing up but when I go see the overview of my iPod to see how much space I have left it's saying that I have 500 mb...
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    So, let me get this clear...(artwork issue)

    I'm sorry for adding to the plethora of posts regarding this topic but I want to clear up what jhollington's thread above about the artwork. I'm having the same problem with iTunes where the album artwork is showing up there but not on my iPod. I transferred the files over from my old iPod...
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    iTunes starts scanning all tracks for gapless playback

    This just started happening. Every time I load an album onto my iPod it starts scanning every track in my ipod to determine gapless playback. Why does it keep doing this? I don't want to have to deal with this every time I want to load an album.
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    Problem loading art for multiple tracks

    iTunes 7.0 seems to have a problem loading the album artwork for multiple tracks. I tried loading it up and nothing happens but if I do one track at a time it works. Has anyone been keeping track of how many things Apple messed up on the latest version of iTunes. Seems like they took way to...
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    Problems loading music....please Help.

    I started loading music onto my new iPod today but came across a problem. I tried dragging the files onto the iPod icon on the left side (like I always did) and the files didn't show up in iTunes or my iPod but it appears as if they loaded in. When I actually click on the iPod icon and drag...
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    Is a 6G rumored to come out soon?

    I'm curious because I just read it in a couple of messages but is it rumored to be coming out soon? I was just hoping for improved battery life since that's basically my only concern. Any truth to these rumors?
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    Is the battery any better now?

    I was thinking about buying the black video ipod and selling my white video one before the battery starts to falter (I've had it for about a year now). Have they improved the battery life on the more recent video ipods or are they the same as when they first came out? Does anyone know if...
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    OEM dock for cheap

    Does anyone know any good links to get an OEM dock for the 5g ipod cheap? I was trying to find one for my house but most of the stuff on ebay is non-oem which I hear can damage your ipod.
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    Anyone recommend the Sena cases?

    I'm pretty sure I'm gonna go with the Sena case in black. I like the pda style cases and this one looks pretty good with the 20% off for a preorder. Anyone have any reviews on it?
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    Any info on the Vaja classic case for 5g?

    I'm really into the design of this case. Is there any information or more pictures of this case? Anyone know when they're going to release it?