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    Playlists disappeared

    Good morning all. I need some good help here. I recently reset my laptop and I have started to reload everything back on it. I downloaded Tunes yesterday and everything was fine. I then plugged my i phone 11 to attempt to get a certain song added to my lists, I must have done something because...
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    I phone 8

    Hi. I have an iphone 8. When I type a text message I always tend to check it when I have finished. Every time I do type a message I see CNN AV V included. I don't have a clue as to why these extra letters are thrown in. A typical text would read as follows. Good morning. I shall...
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    Speakers for ipod nano

    Hi. I would like to listen to music from my ipod instead of placing it on one of those docking stations. I have seen these small peakers that look like those Alexa's. Will my ipod play from one of those and if so what lead will I need. I did have a docking station but it now doesn't work, and...
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    Reset an i pod

    I have been having a clear out when I found my Daughters I pod. I asked her if she wanted it but said she didn't. The songs that are currently on this device I want to delete and use the I pod for myself. I have plugged in into my laptop but all it states is my ***'s I pod. How do I delete the...
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    Extract songs from ipod.

    I have an ipod nano and I would like to know how I take the songs from this ipod to my laptop running windows 10. I can only find the songs on my ipod when it is connected to the laptop and when I launch tunes. The songs are all in the "on the go 1" and these only appear when the ipod is on and...
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    Old ipod cant find on i tunes

    Hi all. Sorry if this has been posted before but, I lost my I pod a few weeks ago and that had all my favourite tunes on it. A lot of the tunes were youtube music converted to mp3. I'm now using my old I pod which has the smaller screen. It does have a lot of the music I had on my lost one but...
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    How do I find my music on my pc

    I accidentally erased the conternts of my i pod but I cannot find the music on my pc in i tunes that once was there, Is there any passwords i set when I purchased the i pod or anything i need to do to find the list of tunes that was on my i pod prior deletion. Kind regards
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    Music tranfering

    I recently had a computer crash and purchased another PC. I have downloaded tunes oncemore but I have an empty library. How do I transfer the music from my i pod to my new downloaded tunes empty library. Kind regards Beer swiller