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    Detailed Battery Meter

    Re the iPhone 3G. How can I tell the % of battery I have left. This little icon means almost nothing
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    Instruction : How to force restore

    Ok so after an hour on the phone with Apple and having to retry all the basics like soft reset, hard reset nothing worked. So here is the way to force a hard reset (this will erase all data so hopefully you have backed up!) I used this when my iPhone 3G was stuck on the Apple logo and would...
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    Random Restarts

    I am really giving this iPhone some use and I noticed that after a while of use. Launching an app(random) will cause the iPhone to reboot. I can reproduce this after while. Another symptom of long use is the app opening and then just closing. Sounds like Appla has some memory issues to work on.
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    Save image quality

    Well, I opened an email with image attachments and chose to download them. They downloaded fine in the email but when I choose to save the photos they save in VERY low quality. Now the full image WAS downloaded in the email and they look great but saving them causes MAJOR quality loss. ANy...
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    GMail Push

    I amtrying to get my gmail to forward all email messages to my iPhone. I did this Sprint but I cannot seem to find the correct email address for my iPhone. I can sent text messages to it through but I am trying to forward the whole html formatted email as an email. How do I do...
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    Iphone 3G White or black?

    What color are you planning on getting or do you prefer? With the scratching issues I think white will be popular.
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    HELP! Ipod Says 696.47 GB left!!

    Yes When I plug in my iPod it says I have 696.47 GB left ???? I restored to factory and it still says this even though I have nothing on it now!!!
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    TV Show will not show in iTunes

    I have added two TV shows to iTunes and they show up but when I plug in my iPod and click on the TV Shows tab the new episodes do not show up. I did choose get info and set Video Kind to TV Show but they still do not show. If I set it to movies it does show and sync as a movie!! wth
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    Recording podcast with ipod

    Is it possible to record a podcast with an iPod? Is there and attachement which will record ina suitable way? This si mre specifically for the Mini but any info is much appreciated.
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    SD500 and Camera Accessory

    I have a Canon SD500 and I wanted the camera accessory so I can transfer pictures to my iPod Photo. I am not sure how offen Belkin updates there list but doe this attachment work with the Canon SD500?
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    A-1 Cases

    I have not heard anyone talk much about the A-1 cases. Does anyone have one? How do you like it? Do you have pics?
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    The Photo dock works

    Not sure if anyone realized it but even though the footprint of the Nano is smaller I am able to stick it in my iPod Photo dock and it stands in there fine.
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    Could apple get sued over this?

    The original nano
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    My Metal Nano Case

    I have almost finished my Metal nano case. Here is what I have so far. The metal is actually from a metal PC case. The bay inserts fit perfectly for the width. I just needed to cut the length to fit. You might want to try this with the plastic case inserts ;) These are aluminum and it is very...
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    MP3Gain Help

    I have about 8000 mp3s I am trying to run MP3Gain on. I run track analysis at default 89 and get TONS of "Y"s If I go lower it gets worse. I have no applied anything yet, just done the analysis. So do the Ys mean my songs will be clipped? Does clipping mean chopped at the end? I try to keep...
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    Nano Actual image size?

    I am looking for an image of the Nano that is 'actual size' I want it to use as a template for a new case anyone?
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    How to protect the Chrome back

    Just a tip. I did this with my 60GB and have done wthe same with my Nano and it works great. Pick up some PDA screen savers and cut them to fit the back of your iPod and the back will be protected ;) Hope someone finds this helpful
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    Lyric downloads

    Does anyone know if anyone is already working ona Lyric download program like iTunes Art Importer?
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    Does anyone have more than one iPod with Nano?

    I have a 60GB iPod Photo and I am debating getting a Nano also. I figure the Nano I can keep with me at all times. I am trying to justify buying one. Did anyone who already has an iPod buy a Nano in addition? If so why?
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    My New iSkin Babay!!!!!!!!!

    The skin is a little thinner than the regular ones. But I have to say my iPod looks mad tite now!