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    Will iPod play 3GP since it is a type of MPEG4?

    subject says it all.
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    I am not prompted to remove songs to recycling bin in new iTunes

    When I clear or delete a song from iTunes, I am no longer asked if I want to move the song to the recylcling bin. The result is this: every song I remove is still in my music library folder unless I go through and manually delete them. any help is appreciated.
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    I can't delete from itunes music folder in 5.01

    When I go to clear (or delete) a song from itunes I am no longer prompted with the option to move the song from my itunes music folder to the recycling bin. this is VERY annoying, as I have to now manually go into the folder and delete the songs, or just have a whole bunch of songs I don't want...
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    Help upgrading from USB 1.1 to Firewire and USB 2.0

    I've decided I want to upgrade but am completely clueless how to do so. What do I need to buy? Is the install pretty straightforward or might I need help? any other tips? If someone could give me somewhat of a walkthrough (or point me in the direction of one), it would be much appreciated...
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    How can I transfer ratings from iPod to iTunes library?

    When I rate songs on my iPod the ratings never transfer over to the iTunes library when I connect the pod. I have a 2G 15 gig ipod.
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    Headphone Jack Repair?

    The headphone jack on my ipod is bent or something and whenever the headphone male is slightly touched the left channel cuts out. It would seem like a simple thing to fix. Can I take the ipod to an Apple store and will they replace the jack? How much would it cost? Does anyone have similar...