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  1. J

    Ipod + Nke Problem

    When I am in Basic workout. I press the middle button, the music lowers and the voice talks... but then the music doesn't come back to previous matter how high I turn the volume up it stays the same. Does anyone else have this problem? Or have a fix for this problem? thank you...
  2. J

    Question about Video Watching

    I have searched the forum and havn't found an answer for this question. Can you watch a movie while the ipod is chargering or pluged into the computer? If so how do you do it. Thank you in advance
  3. J

    Mac eqivalent to Ipod Agent for Windows

    I just got my Powerbook on sunday and I have only used Windows my entire life. I am wondering if there is a program like Ipod agent that will take the songs off my ipod and put it on my Powerbook. Also when I connect my Ipod to my Mac the Icon on the desktop has a No or don't disconnect...
  4. J

    Apple care

    Does anyone have it? Is it worth the money to get it. Are the claims easy to make?
  5. J

    Running with Ipod

    I have a 30gb Photo and i was running with it today and it froze up on me. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what they do so when they run with their ipod it doesn't freeze. I have it in an armband when I run. It says on the sight that the ipod was made for active people and it...
  6. J

    For Sale 20gig 4th gen

    I have a 20 gig 4th generation Ipod. Some Hp tattoo paper. Belkin cigartee adapter, usb cable that comes with the ipod and ac adapter. It is in great condition 250.00 dollars will only ship to US. 15 dollars shipped via postal