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    Buying 1st Generation iPod?

    Hi all. as a proud owner of a 3G iPod i want to buy a 1st Gen, however i dont care if it works or not. i dont want it for parts, just to have one would be fine for me. i have found one for £60.00 on ebay, but if anyone can source me(or sell me personally) a 1st gen working or not (preferably...
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    Moving Library To Another Computer

    Hey, ive noticed a few topics about relocating libraries, but i realised they refer to moving them to an external drive etc. i want to move them from the laptop to a new PC... best idea?? ive thought coz its only like 12GB maybe put them all on DVD then import them onto new itunes library...
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    Problem Posting Comments.

    Hey, Ive been on iPodlounge for a while now but i cant seem to post a comment on the new ipod top ten ideas topic? says i am not registered and doesnt recognise my login details, however when i use the forum it recognises me without me logging in???? HELP! lol
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    Ripping/Tagging in iTunes?

    hi all, as i have an old computer and i want to put my whole CD collection onto an ipod, do i have to copy all the music onto my hard drive then move it to ipod? or can i do it a CD at a time and delete the music off my hard drive afterwards? also, can u use WMAs on ipod, and which is better...
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    Laptop Firewire card.

    Right,Two Questions. 1) im going to try and use an ipod on my mums laptop, as my computer is on 98SE and is a bit touch and go on whether it will work with an ipod. can anyone recommend a firewire card that i can use with a dell latitude laptop for music transfer to the ipod? 2) because it is m...
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    4G On 98SE?

    I am planning to get an ipod for my birthday in september, and i was all set up for getting the 3G version and using the method to install it onto SE as posted in this forum. now that the 4G has come out, i would still like to try and get hold of the 3G pod and use the method and ephpod. but if...
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    Choosing The Right Firewire/USB 2.0 card

    hey ya'll, ok ive been lookin at firewire cards and ive noticed that there is alot of difference in prices in different makes etc etc. i want to find the cheapest firewire card that will work with an ipod and 98SE. bearing in mind i have a AMD K6 3D processor (old and slow) i need to choose one...
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    USB or Firewire

    hi all, i was just curious if it was possible to upload songs to and Ipod through a standard USB port (i know it will be slow)?
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    Mac Opener?

    hi all, im new to the forums so any help to the newbie would be grateful. i am seriously thinkin about buying an Ipod, but im trying to get my comp set up to run one. as i am running Win98SE, i need to set up a third party app. for uploading Mp3s and music to an Ipod. i downloaded Ephpod, but...