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    Any Xbox Live players on the Forums???

    Any Xbox Live players on the Forums??? If anyone does, than my gamertag is RKTman13. I only play Halo 2, well this will be the case until I have more Live enabled games. So yeah, if you have Live, add me and we can play some Halo 2. :D
  2. J

    Google Hacked!!!!

    For a while was down, this included gmail and everything. Google is back up, but gmail is still down. Everything points to GOOGLE BEING HACKED!!!! They said it was impossible but it looks like it has happened. I mean google has one of the tightest security on a server ever. The...
  3. J

    My Gmail Invites Got Topped Off. Did Yours???

    I had only used up 5 Gmail invites. But just recently while checking my emails I noticed that they had been filled back up to 50. Not that I care but I am just curious if this happened to anyone else (it probably did) and maybe someone knows why.
  4. J

    Confirmation of XBOX 360 Unveiling!!!!! (56k warning - I have broadband and it loaded pretty slow) Its a comercial for the unveiling of the XBOX 360 on MTV on May 12th. Just though I'd let you guys know. Thanks to
  5. J

    Song on PSP Commercial?????

    What is that song on the PSP commercial????? The one where you are looking through the PSP at the people playing it. The same song was on the slightly older PSP commercial where the dude keeps morphing into different PSP game characters. It is bugging me as much as the song from the Shuffle...
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    The Windows Longhorn Thread (Next Microsoft OS)

    I just downloaded a windows longhorn transormation pack. they havent even released the beta its still alpha. And i was just curious if anyone else has tried it. because i dont know if its safe because it alters some system files. so i was just wondering. other than that i just wanted to start a...
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    Altoids Case or Sport Case????????

    Hey, I am getting my shuffle in 2-3 weeks (whenever the new Future Shop in Brandon opens) and I was wondering if I should make an Altoids case or splurge and just get the sweet sport case. I want the Altoids case because I can fit my head phones beside the shuffle when I'm not using it. and I...
  8. J

    iSkin for Shuffle...Yes or no???

    I really hope iskin makes a case for the ipod shuffle. i dont know about you guys... iskin have always been great cases in my opinion, and i am going to be getting a shuffle, so i hope there is an iskin for it soon. that would be sweet. what do u guys think...?
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    The First One To reply Wins!!!

    The firt one to reply to this wins...a...i dont know...nothing.
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    WWWOOOHOOO my 200th post!!!!

    i forgot to celebrate entering the triple digits so im celebrating my 200th post. cant wait till i can join the 1000 post club. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  11. J

    Apple Branded Shuffle iPod Sock (pic)

    the ipod sock does fit the shuffle. proof!
  12. J

    Lost iPod Forum.

    i think we should have a seperate forum for lost ipods. about 5-6 people have lost their ipod since ive been here and ive only been her for anout a month and a half. just an idea.
  13. J

    Can It Be Left Charging All Night?????????

    Can the ipod be left caharging all night????? or does it need to be unpluged after its done??? thanks a lot. :D
  14. J

    I had my name changed how do i change my username???????

    my name was changed from shumsky to hermary (last name) it wasnt my mom getting married but its a long story. i was wondering how to change my username because as you can see my username is shumskyboy. how would i change it to justinhermary or somthing???? thank you very much.
  15. J

    What should i do until my ipod???

    hey. im saving for a mini and i was wondering what i shoudl do until i get it? i already did all my music tags. i want to make some playlists. what kind of playlists should i make. like bike rides, sunday morning, and saturday night party. any other suggestions, all i got is a cd player. im...
  16. J

    ACC Really is Better than MP3!!!

    i just converted my entire mp3 itunes library to acc, and my library size droped from 1.3GB to 866MB. and the best part is, i had 128bit mp3's and now i have 128bit acc's and they sound 3 times better! i used to think the acc format sucks but i was totally wrong! i would recommend acc over mp3...
  17. J

    PC or MAC???

    so what kind of computer do you have, pc or mac????
  18. J

    usb 1.1 or 2.0???

    how do i tell if my comp has usb 1.1 or 2.0????? i already checked all the users manuals. is ther anyway to chack just by looking, or will it say on the usb card itself (like if i take it out). thanks.
  19. J

    Which One Do I Get?????

    hey i was wondering which mp3 player to get even if its not an apple ipod. -i have a little more that 2 gigs -i am 14 years old -i dont have that much cash, ive got like 350 bucks (CND) -im not spending 400 bucks on a full sized ipod and i dont think im gonna get a mini cuz 7-8 hours just...
  20. J

    Anyone From Brandon, Manitoba Canada Selling an iPOD???

    is there anyone who lives in brandon manitoba canada who is selling an ipod??? please let me know.