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    WTT WTS 5th gen black 30gig unit only

    I have a working 5th gen black unit only. No dead pixels, no severe scratching. Like all the 5th gen ipods there are scuffs and whatnot. It works fine good battery life no hangups etc... Looking to trade for a 30 or 40gig photo. (20gigs will be considered) And NOTHING else. If after a few...
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    seperate collections

    my mother bought one of my ipods and wants me to put her collection of 300+ cd's on it. However she does not have a computer so i was going to use mine. However i do not want her cd's in my library. Is there a way to create two seperate librarys in one itunes?
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    4Gig White nano for sale

    4gig white nano (used) (some scratching, cant be seen from a distince (a foot or so), with backlight on there are no visable screen scratches. Origonal box usb cable (new) dock adapter CD earbuds (used) Complete set of nanotubes with box only used green and clear Asking 200+shipping via USPS...
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    How much would a 4gig fetch?

    I have come to the conclution that i have far to many ipods to suit my needs. I already sold a 4th gen and a mini. I am considering selling my nano also. How much do you think this would fetch. White 4gig (with box, cord(usb), Headphones(barely used), fomies, disk.) Complete set of nano...
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    ER6 isolator vs 6i Isolator

    I was looking at the ER6 and the 6i and notised that the 6i ranks lower on all stats (on their site) here is a link to the chart However the part that puzzles me is the 6i is more expsnsive! Is there something I am missing?
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    Bearshare + itunes

    I use bearshare and when I get files from it itunes IMEDITLY bnoots up and takes them from the "my downloads" folder. This is very annoying because I like to orginise my music in the my music folder. And I usually end up with duplicates this way. And then I have to search for them and delete...
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    only non-monochrome ipods mount

    I have the latest firmware on my iPods and im running itunes 6.0 not 6.0.2 Only my nano and 5g are recognised by the computer. My 3rd and 4th gen wont show up they jsut freese my itunes and desktop. They also freeze the updater. They DO show up as disk drives. I put both into dignostic mode...
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    Videora Comentary Issue

    Here's my situation. I ripped a disk of aquateen episodes. SOME episodes have the OPTION of directors comentary. When i rip them off the cd the comentarry dosen't play. Then after I convert it using videora the comentary comes along. This is very confusing. Can anyone shed some light on this?
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    My 2 cents on Martin Fields

    I recently bought some Martin Fields protectors for my nano and 5g. My nano is white and my 5g is black. Out of the box. Pros -The packaging is very nice. Hard case with a biggie in it and the protectors inside the baggie. -Each protector comes in a seperate package. -The clickwheel...
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    How far has evreone else gotten in brick? I set a new high score for myself today. 5th gen iPod score 556 single ball (compleated) double ball (compleated) tripple ball (compleated) double ball small paddle (last level 2 blocks remaining) Does anyone know what comes next? Tripple ball small...
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    5 Star Album

    Is there any album (not playlist) on your iPod that actually has nothing but 5 star tracks. I don't have one but Master of Puppets comes close. All 5 star except for orion (4star).
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    I apologise to all 5g owners

    I recently recived an ipod 5g and i am greatly sorry for all of the 5g bashing I have been doing recently. This is one sweeet iPod. Not a dead pixel or scratch in sight. My next task to to place an order for those martin fields. All of my music vids are currently converting ;). Anyone know...
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    3rd gen general questions

    My 3rd generation came in the mail today and I just have a few questions for you guys. It wont charge via usb but will via firewire is that normal? The backlight is diffrent from my 4th gen. The 4th gen has a blue blacklight and this 3rd seems green. (both are set at the same contrast level)...
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    Two diffrent IS? That is a link to a full body IS. The second is a link to an IS with a clikckwheel cutout. I just have a few questions. 1.) Does...
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    Satanic iPod?!

    My friend got back from church today and she said her prist went on a rant about how the new iPod is satanic because you can put porn on it. How rediculus is that. Does that mean they hate computers, televisions, anything with a color screen that you can inport photos to? In fact the iPod is...
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    Ultra tight docking?

    Has anyone else notised that the nano's docking port is EXTREAMLY snug? I can physicly lift up my docck by my nano. Any other docking ipod just comes out and in smoothly. The nano needs a push in and it clikcs in very securly and you need to tug it out by holding down the dock. Also the...
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    Curtain Call

    I got the 2cd ver of Curtain Call today. Since it is a greatest hits album ill only rate it on the new (or unreleased) tracks. Fack - Terrible, the chorous is nothing but annoying and the whole song is just to see how many lued comment he can fit about sex in one track 1/10 Shake that -...
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    WTB 3rd generation ipod

    Willing to buy any 3rd generation ipod. I only need the unit itself (dock and cords i would like but only if the price remains low.) Anything in good condition will be considered. The only restriction i must set is the battery MUST have at least 7hrs playback time when fully charged. Im...
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    Color screen?

    Can you install a color screen into a monochrome ipod? If its a 4g then couldent you just update it with photo firmware? Or 3g load linux on it? im mostly just starting a brainstorm here but if this would work id definitly try it.
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    Multiple computers

    My brother got a shuffle today. He pluged it into his comp and everything is peachy. However he wants to get some songs offa my computer. I plugged it in and i got the usuall message "ipod shuffle is not synced to this lybrary do you wanna sync it to this one and erase all music" so of...