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    No more tears ! Advice needed

    Right after almost 2 years of valiant service my 3G 10 Gig ipod has come to the end of its life ....... (wipes a tear from his eye) However on a lighter note I am out this weekend and am going to purchase a 4G 40 Gig. So, I have questions on the installation, sorry for my paranoia !! I have 35...
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    Uh Oh ...I have a problem !

    Hey there guys I think that I might have a problem, I have had my ipod (3g 10gig) for about a year and a half and it has served me very well. Over the last 2 days I have had problems, I fully charge it every night for my ride in to work and back. Recently the battery seems to be giving up the...
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    Is this the end

    My 3g 10 gig ipod keeps on cutting out on me !! Help !! It only happens when I am just starting to listen to a track, then it resets or cuts out, the battery meter shows little to low voltage/ power. When I wait for a while for the voltage power to go up it then might work..... sometimes. When...
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    128 kbs on Ety 4s 6i and Shure E3

    I have asked the guys on Head-fi and I was wondering what your views were ????? Sp here it goes If I was to get some of the new canal phones to be run by my ipod for instance the Ety 6i < ------------- (very interested in these new ones) Shures Ec3s Ety 4 (If there are any cans that you can...
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    Audion Technica

    Any of you guys own or heard reports on the Audio Technica ATH FC7 On the ear DJ stylee headphones I am thinking of buying some I have asked the guys at and read their reviews, just wanted to know what they were like with the ipod Cheers
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    Hi there guys and girls Got a question for your inifinte wisdom of all things ipod and audio I am looking to buy some headphones, I have got some EX71 and some Senn's MX500's but now I am looking for some cans. I dont want to look like a idiot, so I am not looking for recording studio wear...
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    Over ear Headphones

    Hi there guys I need some advice on some over ear "DJ style" headphones or cans for my ipod. I have some Sony EX71's and some Senn MX500's at present. Both are great little earphones. BUT I would like some larger headphones as I feel that they are SOMETIMES more comfortable for long...
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    Remixes ??

    Does anyone know of any good sites where I can download remixes?? Like old tunes that have been given that 21st Century edge by adding a a phunky backbeat etc I am looking for something like the 2 Many Dj's or just anyone who has re-done some classics or old some dance tracks. Cheers for the...
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    Ipod and HiFi compatibility

    Hello again guys Todays question Will my Ipod connect up to a HiFi system with just a Phono to Jack cable. I.E the Red and White connectors to the headphone jack type connector cable. I gave it a go on my current HiFi and it didnt work, I have tried other AUX i the past i.e Minidisk players...
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    Ipod Volume

    Hello there guyz thanks for the help with the questions a while back regrding my computer. I now have a new computer and the Ipod is working like a dream, I needed a upgrade anyway. New Question is - has anyone heard or seen the Volume Booster fireware that I saw on another website? Is it...
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    Please Please Help

    Guys, I could really do with your help, I have got an ipod albeit without an USB connection cable, I have a old and crappy computer with only 64Mb of RAM, now the system requirements for the ipod say that there is a minimum requirement of 96 Mb RAM does this mean that I am screwed and...