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    Backpack strap capable case

    I'm looking for suggestions on a Classic 80/120 case that will securely attach itself around a backpack shoulder strap, the strap that crosses over my chest. And will protect the unit from mountain biking conditions, like a flip up case style. But not cumbersome to change track or volume.
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    Is this normal? It can't be!

    Just out of curiosity I decided to do some bandwidth testing of the iPod so I fired up HDTach 3 and SiS Soft Sandra, and was down right shocked when I was slapped in the face with a performance number of 7.1MB/s from the iPod, I triple checked that I was on my USB 2.0 controller checking the...
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    Question about charging iPod over USB 2.0

    Is there by any chance a way to disable/enable charging of the iPod over USB, I dock the iPod a lot, a heck of a lot sometimes 2 times a day when the battery isnt even near dead to update podcasts and I feel like I'm destroying the battery every time cause I don't let it die completely.
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    iPod formatted size? (quick question)

    I just tested out iPod Linux on my 5G and then uninstalled it but I'm thinking I lost 2GB or so on my total disc space, it says i have 55.2GB now I swore it said 57 something GB before.
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    What is your iPods name?

    Knowing the nature of forums this is probably already been asked before but what the hey. What is your iPods name? I named mine Bender.
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    new firmware when?

    When is a new firmware coming???? It's been ages.
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    good headphones similar to stockers?

    Hey all, I'm looking for some headphones similar to the stock headphone design, nice and small, but I'd like them to a be a little more durable but also good sounding, I don't wanna spend too much though, I just dropped $2300 into a NAD amp and Klipsch floorstanding speakers. So I'm not in the...
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    Looking for a specific case, please help

    I'm looking for a soft, zip up style, case to hold my 5G and maybe also the USB cable, the case only for transportation purpose, not for using the iPod in, anyone know of a good one?
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    Looking for a simple dock

    I've been looking the past hour for a nice simple dock with a nice remote for my 5G, All I really need the dock for is to look pretty and beable to control the iPod from a distance, with audio outputs on the dock. I don't wanna pay the $100 or whatever Apple wants for there dock and remote.
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    Will this hurt the 5G?

    Will plugging my 5G into the PC to transfer stuff to it while the battery is still 80-90% charged hurt it?
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    5G Mpeg4 480x480/480x320 unsupported now?

    Yesterday I was able to upload some Family Guy videos to my 5G that I converted to 480x320, 1500Kbps Mpeg4, with 160Kbps AAC audio, and they played fine, I updated iTunes today to the latest version because it said there was a new version out, and now it says all thoes videos are unsupported on...
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    A/V cable

    What is a good A/V cable for the 5G without spending a lot of money? But still having good quality.
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    Just got home with 60GB Video (black) and iSee

    I love the iPod, but the Contour iSee case is a total piece of crap, using it makes me feel like it's going to do more damage to the iPod in the case then not in it at all, $25 waste of money. Oh well, we live and we learn. I tend to hate every case I buy for things, I don't know why I still buy...
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    Best arm case???

    What is the BEST case with an arm strap and front protection? I want something that will not scratch my 60GB, MarWares Sport Convertable seems to scratch the heck out of the front, I don't want something that will ruin it instead of protecting it.
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    Who here loves Walker Texas Ranger? I DO!!
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    FS: 17" AOC 7F Flat CRT PC Monitor

    I am selling a 2 year old AOC 7F Flat CRT PC monitor which is still under warranty and is in mint condition and perfect working order, this monitor was only used 5 months and has been sitting in my closet since then, FedEx Ground shipping will be used, I'm asking $80, they are going for $160 on...
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    MarWare case question

    Can you still use top mounted accessories like the iTrip or AirClick when iPod Photo is in a MarWare case? Actaully better yet, will a 60GB iPod even fit in any MarWare cases? From the looks of it most of them are all made for the 20GB which is considerably thinner. I'm considering making my...
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    Sony MDR-G74SL or Sennheiser PMX60?

    I'm looking for a great set of headphones that will be good for active mountain biking, so that basicly rules out all earbud headphones as I've owned a few different brands and styles and they just don't want to stay in my ears.. Between the MDR-G74SL and PMX60's what would you recommend? Or...