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    WTS Mint condition Mini

    I have a mint condition gold mini that I have no more use for. Comes with a back vaja, e2 headphones, belt clip, usb cord, and fire wire cord. This thing was babied since the day it came out of the box, so there is absolutely no scratches or anything. Holds a charge. Asking 250obo or trade...
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    FS: Mint Condition iPod Mini

    As the title says, I have a mint condition iPod Mini for sale. I also have various accessories that are for sale with it.
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    iPod Mini for Trade

    I have a mint condition iPod mini (1st gen 4gb gold) with a vaja case and a pair of e2 earphones. I want a digital camera for it. Atleast 5mp with 5x optical zoom. Small size and compatibility with SD memory cards a must. PM me or email me at [email protected]
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    My mini for your psp

    I have a mint condition ipod mini (gold, 4gb) with a vaja leather case and a pair of e2 earphones. I want a PSP with the case, a memory card (preferably 512), a few games (2) and maybe a movie.
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    WTS Perfect 1stGen iPod Mini

    I have a 1st generation 4gb mini is perfect condition. Not a single scratch. Been pampered and placed into a Vaja case since day one. Battery life is excellent. Color is gold. Included: -Perfect iPod Mini -Black Vaja case Asking 200. Will post pictures within a few days.
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    WTS Brand New Original iPod Earbuds

    I have a pair of Apple Headphones. They are brand new in the orignal packaging. 10 shipped. PM me for details.
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    FS: 3rd generation opod 15 gig, everything is great, only battery is problem

    Like the title says, I have a 3rd generation ipod 15gb that I want to sell. There are signs of wear, but the electronics are pristine. Replace the battery with a cheap 20 buck battery and you got yourself a reliable source of music and envy from your friends. Asking 150 shipped. PM me for...
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    WTS Brand New Original iPod Earbuds

    I have a brand new set of iPod earphones which I recieved from my new iPod Nano. Since I already have headphones from my other iPods, I decided to sell these. PM me if interested. 10$
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    WTB: 1gb Shuffle

    Want to buy a 1gb Shuffle, along with the lanyard. pm me
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    FS: Logitech mm22 Portable Speakers

    I am currently selling a set of Logitech mm22 Speakers for the ipod. Compatible with all the ipod models. Includes carrying case, cradles, and wires. Asking $30 plus shipping. (around $5)
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    WTB 1g Ipod

    WTB 1g iPod I am looking for a first generation iPod. I am willing to pay up to $60 shipped for one of these, provided that they are in good working condition and the battery life is good. I am not picky with superficial scratches.
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    WTS:iPod Box

    I have noticed that a lot of people actually want to buy the boxes the iPod came in. Im willing to sell mine. I have a 4th generation 20gb. Paperwork will come with it. Name your price and PM me.