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    iPod Boombox!

    Hey there iLounge gang. I haven't posted in a year at least and I come now seeking advice. For a while I've been looking for a nice battery powered boom box that I can bring up to the park during BBQ's, Bonfires outside, and to the Skatepark and things like that. I went to the local Urban...
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    iTunes Can't Find My CD Burner

    I've been trying to burn some Rush Compilations for my car and iTunes can't find my CD Burner. I can burn CD's in WMP fine so it's really ####ing me off. How do I fix this? RANT: Thanks Apple, for not only completely messing up ordering, but not reading my CD burner. :mad:
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    iTunes has encountered a problem and needs to close.

    That's the error message I keep getting when I open iTunes. I have no idea why it's doing that. Could somebody please help me? Am I gonna need to re-install? If I re-install, will I lose all my songs? Thank you for helping me. EDIT: Picture.
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    Putting Photos and Videos on iPod

    Can I put videos I find on Google Video on my iPod? What about little clips I have from video games i've recorded or something? Also, when I add photos to my library where does it go? I just got my new iPod and I feel kinda dumb. EDIT: And another thing, what's this folder stuff? I just...
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    7500 Songs?

    My 3G has about bit the dust. I'm about to pull the trigger on a new 5G, but i'm wondering if I should get the 60 GB or the 30 GB. I see that the 30 GB holds 7500 songs, but the thing is, i'm at 2922 songs and 30.41 GB. WTF?
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    Thinking About Pulling the Trigger On a New iPod...

    So Jaymz the iPod has been my faithful companion since 7th grade (3+ years) and it's on it's last leg. The battery needs to be replaced for sure, it's really scratched, and it just get's psycho sometimes. By psycho, I mean certain songs send it haywire, like it skips through every song on the...
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    iPod Remote/Headphones Package

    So as a random gift, my mom got me the package with the iPod Remote and stock headphones. It was really nice of her, but those headphones suck. They kill my ears and have no noise cancelling, but i'm sure you guys know that. However, I love the remote. I'm probably gonna return it, but I was...
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    It Won't Burn!

    So I'm trying to burn CDs, and it won't let me burn anything! All my songs are un-burnable. Can someone throw me a freaking bone here?! I'm about fed up with Apple.
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    My Burned CD Won't Play...

    I just burned a CD (String Tribute Stribute to Tool) and it won't play on any CD player i've tried. I've tried the Kenwood Stereo down here, and the Sony Dream Machine up in my room, and there's never sound. You can't change tracks either. Is it because it's an MPEG file or what? Thanks.
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    AAC Duplicates

    I got tired of not being able to get all the songs on my computer in my library onto my iPod, so I've started to convert to WAV. I haven't been able to find any differences in quality really. This does cut down on space on my iPod right? Anyways, I have an AAC and a WAV version, and I was...
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    iPod is Full with 2500 songs-- WTF?!

    I know my iPod holds 5000 songs. It's name is James and it's a 20 GB 3G iPod. So when I connect my iPod to my computer, it says it's full! WTF?! Why is it full? So I unchecked some songs in iTunes that I don't listen to ever and I was hoping that those wouldn't go on and the new things I...
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    iTunes Skins

    I'm looking for some new skins for my iTunes. I doogled a google and I got a cool site, but I didn't have a program to run it after I downloaded it. I'm pretty sure it was for a Mac too. Suggestions?
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    Moving Library to Secondary Hard Drive

    I've run out of room on my C: drive, and I need to rip some more CDs. Is there any way I can move my WHOLE library to my F: drive? Please help!
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    Open Stream

    Eyyyy guys. I was looking at all my options and it appears that I can host a radio station or something? I hit open stream and it says, URL:// and I thought eyyyyy it would be cool to host my own radio station. How do I do this?
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    I'm Fed Up

    I'm gonna skip the fancy crap and get down to the point. I've been through about 3 headphones in 3 months (I must be a hardcore music listener.) Apple inEars are the biggest joke ever, and my left ear in my beloved EX71's have died, and the f*cking cord on my EX71's tore! The cored just felt...
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    Prog. Rock

    Does anyone here listen to prog rock? I've got some Yes and Rush and Dream Theater on my iPod. I'm looking for some more prog rock reccomendations though. Isn't Zappa basically prog rock? And also, if you thought it about it, you might be able to classify Primus as prog and Tool as well.
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    I'm Going To Talk to the iPod Guy Today

    So the guy who created iPod graduated from my school, and he's coming to my school today. I'm going to ask a few questions (hopefully.) The main question is: What's going to be on the 5G and when is it going to come out? How much? I'll report back after school (half day.) Wish me luck!
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    Are You a Music Person?

    I need help supporting this forum. It's for the program Finale, and you can show off your stuff. I'm Petary791. I find it to be a pretty cool forum. Please don't flame me for "spamming," I just thought since this is for iPods, there would be...
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    New S.O.A.D.!

    New System of a Down! Yay! It's only a 2 song demo type thing, but it's on the front page of iTunes. I sampled both of the songs, and i'm downloading them now.
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    3G's can't be used with Audiobooks right?