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    Cable Question for Kenwood Head Unit

    I am getting this Kenwood head unit for my car: to hook up my iPod which cable do I need? This one? or this one...
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    Exporting Playlists (WinXP)

    I got a new computer and I'm transferring my music from the old one to the new one and I want to keep the playlists. I did right click>export song list and you can export as .xml and .txt. I tried both, my problem is they include everything, all the metadata, location of the file on the hard...
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    Clear cases for new nano

    I was looking for cases for my new nano and I found these: Belkin Remix Acrylic Belkin Remix Metal Griffin iClear Switcheasy Color Biscuits XtremeMac Microshield Contour iSee I liked the Color Biscuits but I don't like their color, I wish they came in clear or black but with a normal screen. I...
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    Gapless Playback... likely not?

    I have a 5.0G black 30GB iPod. I've been thinking about this for a while but never posted it. I've come to the conclusion that the "gapless playback" support on the iPod is obviously not true gapless playback. It is gapless as in there is no time between each track. But it is obviously just...
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    The Future of iPod Capacity is here - 12.8 million GB!

    A 12.8 MILLION gigabyte hard drive. Only one cubic centimeter. The Article teh ipod fleaz is comng!111111111111111111111shift+1!1111111!!!!!!!!!!
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    Jodix iPod Converter, Bitrates, & Flash on iPod?

    I was wondering if the Jodix iPod Converter is any good? It's available here I'm going to download it in a bit since I'm too cheap to buy Videora or anything of the like. Also, is it possible to have a low-ish (like optimized for watching on the iPod, not...
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    What exactly is VBR? Should I use it? What does it do? Does it improve quality? Is there like a FAQ anywhere? Search did not reveal any useful results.
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    Songs Recorded With Crossfade

    Alright I have a couple CD's and the artists recorded all the songs so they all mesh together, but they split up the tracks so it sounds like the beginning of one song is at the end of the another, and so on. I was wondering if it would be possible to combine every song into one and then split...
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    Burning To CD, Troubles

    I'm not really sure where to put this so I figured this would be the best place. Sorry if it's in the wrong forum. My CD burner recently died, it came standard into my computer. It opens and closes but it won't read or write anything. I recently borrowed a CD burner from my friend and it just...
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    Need a Strong Case - Any Reccomendations?

    I need a case for my brother's iPod Mini. Origionally, I was looking at the iSkin, but now I've read some stuff about it being craptastical. So I'm looking for a good play-through protective case that offers click wheel and screen protection too. My brother works out, and he'll probably drop...
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    Need a Strong Case - Any Reccomendations?

    I need a case for my 4th generation, monochrome 20GB iPod. Origionally, I was looking at the iSkin, but now I've read some stuff about it being craptastical. So I'm looking for a good play-through protective case that offers click wheel and screen protection too. I skate, and I've been thinking...
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    ABT iJet for 5G and Nano!

    I e-mailed iJet and they said that a new iJet for the 5G and the Nano is coming out soon! YES! I wonder what's going to happen with remotes + speakers though. If the remote is on the dock connector, that means it adjusts volume better. What happens with like a JBL On Stage though? Most speaker...
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    Sumajin Smartwraps and Double Cords

    Do the headphones with double cords work with normal Smartwrap or do I need the larger one for like USB cords and stuff?
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    Music Videos From The Internet?

    Is it possible to take music videos from websites like and put them on the iPod?
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    Can't Decide On Speakers

    I need some good, but not too expensive, iPod speakers. I've been looking at a lot of them, and can't decide on which to get. I noticed that iLounge's reviews for speakers always compare and contrast speakers that are out at the time of reviewing. Well lots of the reviews are months or even...
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    Software Reccomendations?

    I got my brother an iPod Mini for Christmas. Before Christmas, I want everything to be ready for him to use the iPod. The problem is that we both share a computer, and iTunes only lets you use one iPod per computer. So I need a program to remedy this problem, and it has to meet these...
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    2006 iPods? Internet possibly?

    I wonder what Apple is cooking up for the 2006 holiday season? Maybe a widescreen iPod? 6 or 8GB Nanos? What do you think? I for one think they SHOULD (and I hope they do) make a widescreen iPod, possibly PSP-esque or maybe like the Zen Vision (PSP-esque but with the left side cut off) and I...
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    iPod Keeps Pausing Itself GETTING REALLY ANNOYED

    Alright, my iPod used to be perfectly fine. Then I updated it and it started pausing itself spontaneously. It really ####es me off. After doing some casual tests to see what made it pause, I think I know what it is. It's supposed to pause if the headphone are removed from the port. Well if I...
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    Invisible Shield Website?

    I remember Invisible Shield had a website, but I can't find it. Invisible Shield is the company that made iPod screen covers from the same material that was used to cover the military's helicopter blades. Does anyone know the website of Invisible Shield? And has anyone used this product before...
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    StationRipper/StreamRipper - Are they legal?

    Hey I was wondering if programs like StationRipper/StreamRipper are legal. If you don't know what they are, they use free online radio broadcasts and allow you to rip from those broadcasts to MP3. Since the broadcasts are free I assume ripping them is legal, but I just wanted to check to make sure.