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    Syncing large libraries and play counts?

    I have an older iPod nano (6th gen, the one that is as small as a watch) which has 16 gigs of storage. What I have been doing recently is syncing my music based on play count (basically, for the sole purpose of listening to all songs before listening to any one song twice). It has been working...
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    iPhone 4S - Audio through headphones while on a dock?

    Is it possible to have audio come out through the headphone port while it is connected to a dock? Currently, I have a Sony iPhone dock/speaker in my room, BUT..I want to (eventually) add in a T-amp and proper speakers for better sound, AND I want a way to keep my iPhone (or an older iPod touch)...
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    CD-text so iTunes can use it?

    Is there a way, or an application, that I can use to burn an audio CD with CD-Text so that iTunes can use the information when tagging songs, if I ever have to rip them from the CD again? I really don't want to have to type all of that information manually each time I need to rip the CD...
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    Transfer playcount from Mac to PC?

    Right now, I'm switching from Mac to PC (I don't like the direction that Apple is going). What I want to do is transfer my playcount for my music to iTunes on Windows. (The song ratings I don't care about, I'm too lazy to do that). Is there a way to transfer the play count data over to Windows?
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    Ipod nano 5G radio + resume music

    I just acquired a used iPod nano 5G - specifically for use in the gym so I can listen to the TV (through the radio transmitters), as well as listen to my music when I'm done with the cardio machines. Problem is, when I'm finished with the radio and want to listen to my mp3's again, the iPod...
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    Heads units for current ipod generations?

    Which head units work with the current iPod generations? (Nano 6th gen, touch 3rd gen.) I'm not looking at using the 'aux' input, I'm only looking at direct connection and controlling the iPod with the head unit. Any one know?
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    resuming playback after a reboot?

    I have an ipod video, and I was wondering if there is a way to resume playback of a song after I have to reboot the iPod?. I've had to reboot it a few times since it locked up on me, but I really hate having to scroll through the track listings to find the song again. Is there a setting that I...
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    iPod Nano firmware this possible?

    Is it possible to downgrade the firmware in the Nano (4th Gen), to the firmware used in the Nano 2nd generation?
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    New iPods and Alpine CDE-9881?

    Has anyone tried to connect the newer iPods (just released), with the Alpine CDE-9881 ? Or maybe I should ask, has anyone tried connecting any of the newer iPods (just released) with older iPod decks, 1 year or older?
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    iPod Classic and the car's shaking.

    I am thinking of buying one of the newer iPod classics. But, how much 'shaking' can the iPod hard drive stand? I live in Winnipeg (the WORST roads in Canada..potholes everywhere), and I worry that if I put an iPod classic in the car, that the hard drive will be damaged due to the amount of...
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    iTunes alternative which auto-updates its database?

    Is there an iTunes alternative, that can sync/transfer songs to the iPod which automatically updates its database if you add in new folders/songs to your collection, but doesn't re-add in files that you deleted from the database? (but the files are still on the computer)
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    updating ipod firmware without itunes?

    is it possible to update the ipod firmware without using itunes? if
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    Recharging nano 2nd gen without resetting playback?

    Is there a way to recharge the ipod nano 2nd generation, so that it remembers the last song you left off at? Whenever I recharge my ipod..the next time i play it, it starts at the first song. This is very annoying.
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    Shelf Stereos with iPod control?

    Are there any shelf stereo systems, which includes iPod control? What I am thinking of is something like what Car stereos have...CD player, Radio, plus iPod control (through an adaptor or an on-board controller like the newer Alpines. It would seam easy enough to make considering they can...
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    resume after connecting to a PC?

    I recently purchased one of the newer nano' is my first iPod, and I love every aspect of it. But there is one thing that I would like to know how to do:. How do I resume playing from a playlist after connecting it to the computer?. Every time I connect/disconnect the iPod from the...
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    iPod car adaptor with resume?

    I am looking at my options for an iPod adator/car stereo combo for a future purchase. I do have a couple of questions: 1) Which iPod car adaptor will remember which track was played last? 2) Which iPod car adaptor will remember which track was played last *after* disconnecting the iPod? I'd...
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    Ipod Nano mount for cars

    What is a good/decent iPod nano (2nd gen) mount for the car? I'll take either a cup-holder mount or a vent mount.
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    Hard cases for new Nano's?

    Which *hard* cases are available that will fit the new iPod Nano's? I purchased a silicon case, which partially covers the hold switch and covers some of the scroll wheel. I want a hard case now, but which hard cases fit the new nano's?
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    Newer iPods and Alpine CDE-9852?

    Will the newer iPods fit the dock connector on the Alpine CDE-9852 car stereo head unit?
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    Ipod Nano 2nd gen + stero interface adaptors?

    Even though I don't have an Ipod (yet), I am planning on purchasing a 2 gig Nano (2nd gen) in the future solely for using it in the car. Will the 2nd gen units work with the current ipod adaptors out there? I am asking because I read on cnet that current 'made for nano' products don't fit with...