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    Who got the turd (brown Zune) for Christmas?

    Talk about a lump of coal, who got a brown Zune for Christmas? Really, who's parents wouldn't spring the extra $10 for the real deal? Apple sold about 15 million iPods this season, Microsoft sold four Zunes. Who got em? I want to name names. Who among you got the big brown turd? Worse yet...
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    So, your Christmas Ipod isn't working eh?

    edit The Apple site is running great now so before youu panic, search here: A little patience and 15 minutes of reading will solve virtually all iPod problems. Good Luck! edit Relax, It is almost impossible to totally screw up your new toy. Your chances...
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    V-moda Vibe Review

    As many of you Forum followers are aware, I'm kind of partial to the Sennheiser CX-300. Recently, I picked up a pair of V-moda Vibes at the Apple store on 5th Ave in NYC. If you get the chance, visit-- it's really cool! Anyway... The Vibe from a physical point of view, i.e. form, fit and...
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    V-Moda Vibe IEM

    Anybody have these yet? Are they any good or just a ploy to pry $101 out of your wallet?
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    Sample Audio Recording from 30G Video

    Not too shabby... here's a sample
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    An Honest Headphone Evaluation oops, sorry... edited link
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    Bang for the Buck...

    Headphones seem to be a very touchy and personal topic. I've made recommendations in the past receiving both scorn and praise. But I've seen a lot of posts lately about high quality sound on a tight budget. I've spent close to $1000 on headphones and earbuds over the past few years so for...
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    Just for You

    Did ITMS drop "Just for You?" It just disappeared on my ITMS. There used to be a button on the bottom to turn it on and off but that's gone as well. Anybody know what's going on?
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    You know what? Who cares? I mean really. So you got a little scratch on your iPod, big friggin' deal. It's not like it's some sort of rare museum piece---there's only about 45 million of 'em floating around out there. Oh sure I understand, I put my iPod in the obligatory case when I first...
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    Apple Has Redefined Music Delivery

    It appears that people prefer to pay for their music rather than steal it. see I've taken a lot of crap in the past for saying that Apple saved the music industry but it's true. The start of the 21st century will be defined by the iPod...
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    iPod Scratched my Mercedes

    I accidentally dropped my iPod on the hood of my Mercedes S550 and left a hairline scratch. Do you think Apple will replace my car? I'm absolutely sick over this. I can't believe Apple would put out such a poor design that it doesn't stay in my hand all the time. I had a black Mercedes but...