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    Album cover problem

    Can someone tell me why, when I scan my cd cover (with a good quality scanner by the way) & the picture on my pc looks perfect...when I put it into itunes as the artwork for the album it looks all "blocky" & poor quality???
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    Sometimes when I have moved my lock switch all the way over to the locked position I can still use the wheel to do it's normal funtions ie: lock is not locked??? Also when I switch off the ipod then move lock over so I cant accidently turn on the ipod,it switches the ipod on as I move the lock...
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    Classic Mains charger

    Are there many different options for a mains charger for my classic ipod to use on my holidays?
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    Jvc Ha-f51

    I am going to get some newer/better headphones but I have to say that the JVC HA-F51 are 100% better than the original ones that came with my ipod & the JVC's are as cheap as chips! Oh & they're very comfortable too! Trust me...I'm a doctor!
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    Video chapters playing on ipod?

    Sorry if this is a dumb question but... Is there a way to get ipod to skip to the next chapter of my video at each click of the forward button? Because at the moment the only way I can get to the next is by scrolling forward :(
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    30 min mp3 spoken

    I have a 30 min comedy programme in mp3 format. Can/how do i put it in my ipod so that it is in a different category to my music, as I don't want it to be selected when I am listening to my music on random? I want it to show up in audio book or similar!
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    CD auto info stopped working

    Loaded cd's in & itunes no longer gets the info on an auto basis? How to fix?
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    Importing CD & format?

    Can I change the format & quality ipod imports my cd's at? atm it's saving my cd's as mpeg4 128kbps I would like to save my music as mp3
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    Splitting album?

    Imported an album to itunes & it shows up in my itunes file as a complete album but when viewed in itunes with artwork or cover flow it has seperated some tracks, why? & how to fix this?
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    I get this syncing feeling!

    Basic General syncing question... If, (for instance) I have 100 songs in my ITUNES & sync them to my IPOD, then the next day add ONE more song & re-sync. Does my IPOD HAVE to resync ALL 101 songs or is there a way to just add the ONE new one? :confused: