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    Missing tracks copying ipod to external drive

    I do manually syncing on my iPod with iTunes. have a bunch of music on my ipod that I removed from my computer (ripped folder, of cds I had ripped) some time ago to make space, but unfortunately did not make a backup. In order to make a backup I used sharepod to copy all the ipod to a passport...
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    Nike+ iPod s/w missing on 3Gen?

    I'm not feeling very smart here. I have a 3rd generation and purchased a Nike+ ipod sensor for my running shoe. The manual says go to Settings | Nike + iPod and set it on. But that option is not there for me. All indications are that is should be my default. I am running software v3.1.3 (Model...
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    Running with iPod in vibe vault case?

    I have a 4th gen iPod touch which I keep in a vine vault case, so it measures 11cm x 7.3 cm (4.3 inches x 2.875 inches) I want to bring it running (leave the vibe vault case) and have being looking for a big armband to put it in but have not found any. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks, Tom.
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    non phone features of us iPhone in Europe?

    non phone features of US iPhone in Europe? Temporarily in the US, I am considering buying an iPhone or ITouch before I go back to Europe. I know a 1.1.3 iPhone can not be used in Europe - I am comparing them not for the phone but for the other functionality. iPhone: Phone (not relevant as will...
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    how delete old unreplied post?

    Theres does not seem to be a way to delete a post? I posted some weeks ago I got no answers and it's no longer a relevant question for me., Any way to delete it? Thanks, Tom.
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    3.0.2 update message appearing after install

    I got the message that 3.0.2 was available. I downloaded ipodsetup.exe ( 35.5mb) and ran it last week (and rebooted of course). Every time iTunes starts I still get the same message. I reinstalled it today but still get this message. Has anyone experienced this? Thanks, Tom.
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    Converted mp3 with validated tags not recognised by iTunes

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. I converted a rm file into a number of wav files and converted these to mp3 using dbPowerAmp Music convertor. They play perfectly. I made sure all the tags were valid using I then added...
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    4g hard drive without itunes

    I want to be able to access my 4G ipod at work as a hard drive but I don't want to have to install iTunes. Is there a way of doing this? Ta, tom.