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    Pioneer head unit

    I have a pioneer KAH P4800R casette player in my 1993 VW Golf (mk3), Im currently using a tape adapter for my ipod but I would prefer a more elegant solution. I currently have a CD changer so presumably I could use that port to connect the ipod. I was wondering if anybody could advise me on a...
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    proclip in the uk?

    Hi, Im looking for a mount to hold my ipod in my car which either holds a dock connecter cable or has the conector built in, so u can just stick the ipod in and go without any other cables to connect. The proclip padded holder with cable attachment seems to fit the bill pretty well appart from...
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    Portable Speakers

    I have a 60Gb 5G ipod and I want a small(ish) portable speaker system/dock, preferably for <£100 The Logic3 Istation looks pretty good, but is it compatible with the 5G. I have also looked at the PodGear House Party and the Intempo IDS-01. Can anyone offer any opinions on the above, or any other...
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    Album Shuffling

    I just got my new ipod 5G (60Gb Black) Is it possible to get it to shuffle by album rather than song, i.e. play all the tracks from a random album? This was one of the things i liked about my zen micro and I would like my ipod to be able to do it as well. Thanks
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    A quicker way of converting videos?

    I've got a 60Gb black 5g on order & im trying to convert some of the video files on my computer to play on my new toy when i get it. I'm using Quicktime pro's "export to ipod" option and it takes hours, even for short music videos. Is this the best method to use, or is there another (quicker) way.