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    Syncing issue since I started using Apple Music

    I decided last month to try out Apple Music since they were giving a free trial period. If anything, it seemed good way to try out some new material. But ever since I started using the program, I can't sync any new material that I've loaded from CD's to my iPhone. I realize that anything...
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    iTunes Library on portable hard drive?

    I just purchased a new Lenovo notebook that has one of those smaller SSD drives. I would like to move my iTunes library from my old computer's hard drive to an external portable drive to save space on the Lenovo. My plan is to plug in the portable drive whenever I need to add to the library or...
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    Upgrade Problem

    I just upgraded to iTunes and now my computer doesn't recognize my iPod Touch. I checked the device manager on my computer and it does show that an Apple device is in the port. But that it cannot recognize it possibly due to a hardware or software update. Any suggestions?
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    Best current way to restore iTunes library from iPod Touch?

    I've read through all of the info about restoring your iTunes Library from your iPod. There are apparently more ways to do this then songs that I had in my 40gb library. I read through the tutorial on this site, but it seems like it might be outdated. Also, many of the third party suggestions...
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    Is there an on/off for wireless sync?

    I just bought two Cd's which I imported into My Library and they somehow wirelessly synced to my iPod Touch. I knew this option existed, but have never used it. It would be fine, except the sync loaded the two CD's and deleted everything else on the iPod! Is there a way to turn this feature...
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    Album Art not showing on certain screens

    My iPod Touch has developed a strange problem with the album artwork. When I select an artist and the albums under that group or person show, none of the artwork shows to the left of the album name. If I do select an album, the artwork is also missing from the top left of the next screen. Yet...
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    Artwork not showing...

    For some reason my album artwork won't show any longer on the track or album listing screens on my touch. It will show when the individual track is playing and in iTunes on the computer. Is there a fix for this?
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    Time Elapsed/Remaining Capability?

    Just purchased an iPod Touch after owning a Nano and I do enjoy it very much. However, one thing I miss on the Touch is the ability to see how much time has elapsed (or remains) on a song that is currently playing. Does it not have this feature or I have missed it in the settings...