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    iTunes video performance issues

    Ever since version 7 of iTunes came out I've had issues with the video performance of the application. Particularly with downloaded music videos I'm experiencing very jerky pictures and music. The curious thing is that if I open up the music video file using Quicktime the performance is...
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    Applecare Protection

    I noticed that a number of vendors on Amazon UK are selling the Applecare extended warranty. They're also selling it at a discount to the "official" product on Apple's website. Surely this means you're buying a service which they are having to buy from Apple in the first place. Or am I wrong...
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    Replacement visor for iSkin eVo3

    Does anyone know if there is a UK stockist for replacement Visors? I can buy replacements from the iSkin website but shipping charges to the UK are just ridiculous and at those prices I may as well just buy myself a complete new case. I've searched around all the usual suspects with no luck.
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    iTunes and the disappearing music

    My daughter opened up iTunes this morning to find that nearly all her music library had disappeared. Naturally she was a bit taken aback. I've looked in the root directory for her music and its still there in its folders, however there seems to be no simple way of restoring it back to iTunes...
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    Can I delete some old iPod programs?

    Did a spot of cleaning and maintenance on the family PC the other day and when looking throught the program list in "Add and Remove Programs" I found 4 instances of iPod for Windows. Two are iPod for Windows 4.3 (2005-09-23 and 2005-10-12) and two of version 4.7 (2006-01-10 and 2006-03-23)...
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    Poor quality in music video playback

    I downloaded U2's "Vertigo" music video from iTunes this morning. Playback on the iPod Video is fine but playback in iTunes is dreadful. The audio is ok but the video is extremely jerky. None of the other music videos I have seem to suffer from this problem - indeed neither do any movies I...
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    Top Ten Uses for an iPod

    An interesting miscellany of uses for the little box:,39024649,39166426,00.htm
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    Its amazing what an iPod will cover...

    What the sand does to the hard drive is another matter.....
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    Nero Recode doesn't "see" VOB files

    I've only come across this once so far but wonder if any other Nero user has had this happen? I decrypted a DVD and opened up Nero to encode it but the applicationn simply does not "see" the VOB files. They are definitely there and are visible in Windows Explorer but Nero just does not recognise...
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    Rogue TV episode

    I have just ripped 4 episodes of a TV series and all went well until I imported them into iTunes. For some reason Episodes 1, 3 and 4 are placed together in TV Shows with Episode 2 all on its own as a separate TV Show. Having looked at the file names and the information contained within "Get...
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    Watching iPod video via laptop screen without iTunes?

    I don't think for a moment that this is possible BUT.................... I have iPod Video with various movies stored on it. I have a laptop PC that is used for work I'm forbidden to put "unauthorised" software on the laptop. Therefore no iTunes and no Quicktime. I can still connect my iPod...
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    Are certain movies more likely to have sound synch problems?

    I've had several attempts at converting DVDs of "The Matrix" and "Final Destination 3" using Videora without success. For both movies sound and picture get out of synch fairly early on in the movies despite trying various tweaks people have suggested in a variety of threads. As far as I can see...
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    BBC shows coming to iTunes?

    At least for UK users...............,39024667,39165581,00.htm
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    Album categorisation

    I've many complete albums on my iPod. I've also many single tracks on my iPod which were either single downloads or are from compilations, or are simply from albums where I've not bothered to rip the whole album. Of course when I want to find a complete album I've got to scroll through all...
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    Double-sided DVD

    I have a copy of "Goodfellas" which I bought some time ago and appears to have 2 sides to it - "A" and "B". On the accompanying DVD cover it does detail the chapters on each side. Trouble is how to decrypt this? DVD Decryptor can only do one side at a time and produces two separate VOB files...
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    DIY Nano repairs

    I have a rather battered 1st G Nano which I inherited from my daughter. The display has been broken for ages but its now well out of warranty so won't be going back to Apple for a new one. In addition its pretty badly scratched. I've seen displays and cases on eBay, invariably from vendors in...
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    Bizarre censorship in iTunes?

    I found this a bizarre episode. I have a CD of the soundtrack of the movie "True Romance" which I endeavoured to import into iTunes. Well everything went fine however one track had the artist name blocked out with little squares. Strange I thought. Then I consulted the information on the CD...
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    Evo3 contradiction?

    I fitted an iSkin eVo3 this morning but didn't want the RevoClip belt clip as I just want to stick the iPod in my pocket so I followed the instructions for removing the RevoClip. The very last part of the instructions state, "Remove the clip retainer from inside of the iSkin..........." Ok...