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    Download full playlist to iphone

    When I research this online there are references that explain to download a full playlist to the device, scroll to the bottom of the playlist and I can do this from there, but I don't see any indicator to download a full playlist. I don't want to have to choose each individual song and press...
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    icloud Database Tracker Sales Tool

    I have been searching for a tool to help me track appointments, product presentation and resulting product sales. Here is what I am seeking. I feel like the CRM tools have too many features I won't use, are too costly or too hard to setup. I think maybe a user created database that has...
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    Copy or Fill-In Contact/Address Book Fields

    I am posting in apps because maybe I need to be using a new app. I end up with a stack of business cards that need to be added to my address book that share much of the same information. For instance, the company name, division, address and main telephone number are all the same. Is there a...
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    itunes Locks Up for no reason

    When i open iTunes for the first time of the day, within five minutes it locks up and I can't take any other action. I do not have any devices hooked up. I am not trying to change any settings. In this case a song was playing, I attempted to right click another song to update the artist name...
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    Overlapping Appointment/schedule App

    I'm looking for an application that will show multiple overlapping appointments or schedules throughout the day. In this case I have customers that I can call on during multiple periods of time and want to be able to look at a day at a glance and see what all clients this includes
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    Outlook 2010 Sync Contacts Missing

    I've been synching with iTunes on my computer with Outlook via cable for a long time with no issues. I don't have Exchange and it is no Express. About a month ago, when I did a sync all of my contacts & calendar entries duplicated on my iPhone so I went through and manually deleted all of them...
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    CRM or Customer history & tracking

    I'm looking for an app that will allow me to either add or access customer history. I want this to include: Customer contact information Appointment history Customer Sales/purchase history including detail Outstanding sales leads for each customer including when & what to follow up on...
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    MobileMe and iTunes Sync Help

    For our home computer, two of us use one user account to login and use one iTunes library. We have two separate iPhones and separate iTunes accounts and login to our own for purchases and when needed. I use MobileMe but J doesn't. When I sync my iPhone to iTunes, I don't choose to sync...
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    Apps in iTunes not synching to iPhone

    When in iTunes, I can click on the Apps directory and see all my applications. When I plug in my iPhone, it doesn't list many of those applications as available on my iPhone. I see many that are checked or not checked to sync so I don't think synching is the answer. I've checked through my...
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    Collapse email folders

    I use Microsoft Exchange to sync up with my Outlook mail, contacts and calendar for work. When I look at the list of folders in Outlook, all folders and sub-folders are expanded. Is there any way to collapse them so I don't have to scroll through as much if I am trying to get to one of the...
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    Application Store Access Incorrect

    I just got my iPhone today. I was out playing with it and could not access my iTunes account to download applications. Someone else tried their account since they already had an iPhone. Then he realized that I have to sync with my computer first. I Have now synched with my computer yet...
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    Duplicates & Original File Not Found

    I am sure this is posted elsewhere but I cannot find my exact circumstances. So I relocated my library to an external hard drive. I never had any issues until someone else tried to go in and listen to my iTunes. Well, they duplicated every song somehow. I have been slowly meandering...
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    Can iTunes reside on external hard drive?

    My personal computer is a desktop and I am not allowed personal programs on my work laptop. So I have iTunes on my desktop. This is about all I use it for. Yet, the hard drive space is running out so I have purchased an external hard drive to hold files. Whenever I open the iTunes...
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    Need to set up library on new computer

    For a temporary period of time, I need to have my library to my work laptop instead of my home pc. (I am traveling for work for an extended period of time.) I cannot find this exact scenario anywhere. How do I do this when I am getting the error that I have the library elsewhere (where I need...
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    Songs not updating under Artists

    I have been updating my iPod like normal, but I have had some strange things not update correctly. I have two songs that are correctly set up in iTunes under artist name, yet they are not showing up on my iPod under that artist name. They show up in songs, but not under the artist name. These...
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    Synching Options (too much music!)

    I remember someone mentioning that they only synch their playlists. Anyone else do this? Why is it better/worse? I have some music on my Ipod for Christmas projects. As an example, I am creating CDs for my sisters of music my mother liked when she was alive. I don't necessarily want all of...
  17. M knocked out my audio

    First off, I am not technically savvy. I downloaded the newest version of ITunes last night. Prior to downloading everything on my computer worked fine. After I downloaded it, my speakers/audio no longer works. They are plugged in and I did search for help on audio. Article 93610 did not...
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    Move from library to folder under Music

    How do I move files from the library to the individual folders I have created under Music?