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    iTunes getting stuck during sync - waiting for changes to be applied

    I have spent a couple of days on and off trying to solve this problem and it's starting to get annoying. I was having all kinds of trouble getting my Pebble and my car radio to talk to my iPhone, so in the end I decided to do a full restore. Since then I find I can't reliably sync my music to...
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    iTunes 'Convert to 128kbps AAC' option

    Hi all Since my music has always been encoded at a really low bitrate (I now realise that 64kbps MP3 was a biiiig mistake), I eagerly signed up for iTunes Match. My thinking was that I would update my library with shiny new 256kbps DRM free AAC files, and sync them to my iPhone using the...
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    Outlook and Contact Groups

    I have a client who has been using an iPhone for several years, with different versions of Mail clients on his PC. (Outlook Express, then Windows Live Mail) He has about 20 contact "groups" on the iPhone, and has recently moved to Windows 7 and Outlook 2007. The groups on the iPhone do not sync...
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    3GB of "other"

    My iPhone 4 has 3GB of "other" listed in the summary page in iTunes. I've completely wiped and reloaded iOS 5 beta 6, using the same latest iTunes beta and the result is the same. No unexpected crashes during synching that might have caused this issue. Do I just chalk it up to things being...
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    iTunes Beta issues

    I often find that when I launch iTunes, it will display "Checking iTunes Library' for two or three minutes before it actually opens. I'm running the latest beta, admittedly, so it might just be beta flakiness, but I've never had to force quit it or anything so I don't know why it would be...
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    Not enough space?

    iTunes insists that I don't have enough space to copy photos to my iPhone, even though I have 164MB free and only 6MB of photos selected. Any suggestions anyone?
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    3.0 slow on 2g iPhone, Smart Playlist solution?

    I have 8000+ tracks on my iPhone 2G 16GB (don't even *ask* how compressed they are, lol). I have several Smart Playlists which end up containing 2000+ tracks. Since I installed 3.0 (and I've done it both as an update and as a full restore), I find these long playlists incredibly slow to open...
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    iPhone 2G in Egypt??

    I am posting here on iLounge because I don't know where else to ask this question. I am going to Egypt in 2 weeks on holiday and would like a recommendation on a local mobile company to use, if anyone knows. I am after reasonable international SMS rates and a little bit of data for email etc...
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    iTunes volume levelling

    iTunes seems to have some very 'creative' ideas about volume levelling when the Sound Check feature is used. I notice it's ridiculously quick to scan the tracks when it works out the level. Any way to improve on the kinda bad guesses it makes?
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    FM Transmitter and iPhone 2G

    I've had an FM transmitter in the car for a long time, since the days when I used my iRiver H320. With the iRiver, I had to plug the transmitter into either the headphone socket or the line out, pump up the volume on the iRiver to "fairly" loud levels, and pump up the stereo a little. With my...
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    Broken email app

    OK I have done something dumb. Having read this page: I thought, hmm, I'll try and change my EDGE/GPRS DNS setting. It's do-able, using the patch described here: So I installed the patch they described...
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    Album Art mess

    I seem to have two types of album in my library: 1- those for which iTunes can find a cover easily 2- those for which it can't I did part 1 the other day, encouraging iTunes to download art for all the tracks it could. I did this by clicking on the first track of each album (not highlighting...
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    A couple of questions from a new Apple user

    Me and my iPhone have just come into the Apple fold in the last couple of weeks. Prior to that I was an iRiver H320 user, running ROCKbox firmware. And therein lies my first question: Maybe ROCKbox babied me a little. I was used to listening to a playlist, synced down from my PC, and then if I...