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    iPod Touch in the car?

    I have discovered a new use for my second gen iPod Touch. My new car audio system has a USB plug and I would like to use my iPod Touch in the car. There is a covered compartment in the center console that would be a good place to put the iPod so it is out of sight. However, it's summer and it...
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    Best iPad Case is the Smart one

    When I bought my iPad 3 in April I wanted a case that would protect the front and the rear but still allow access to all the buttons and plugs and had the sleep/wake feature of Apple's smart cover. Because the iPad 3 is thicker than the 2 I looked for one that was made for the iPad 3. I bought a...
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    iPad and AT&T Sim Card

    I am going to buy an iPad v3 and I can't decide if I want to get the new 4G or just stick with WiFi like on my 2nd Gen iPod Touch. A friend of mine has an iPad 2 with AT&T 3G. He activated the service while on vacation and then deactivated when he came home. When he tried to reactivate the...
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    Apple Knows Best

    It's all about user experience! When the third generation iPod Touch came out I wanted to have the mulit-tasking and the wallpaper behind the apps on my second gen iPod Touch. I upgraded to 4.1 and then Jail-broke it to get those features. It worked, but it always bogged down, ran slowly and...
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    iOS 4.2 on 2G iPod touch

    Has anyone upgraded their second gen. iPod Touch to the new system upgrade? If so, is it an improvement?
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    Anyone Happy with IOS 4?

    I was out of town when Apple released the latest system upgrade and could not sync with my home computer. Both here and on the Apple forum there have been reports of numerous problems after upgrading. I have a second generation 16 gb iPod Touch and I am reluctant to upgrade since it is working...
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    Help with Flakey App

    One of my favorite apps is the New York Times news app. It's a free application. Lately it fails to start almost every time I try to launch the app. Sometimes it shows the circular loading indicator and sometimes it doesn't, but after a 10 to 15 seconds it just quits and returns me to the home...
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    Turn off update reminder?

    I received an update reminder yesterday for 'Battery Magic Pro' and downloaded it onto my iPod Touch. It would not launch. It just returned me to the applications list screen. Others have had the same issue with the 4.1 update and posted the problem on the App Store. I deleted the application...
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    Sudden Restart Without Warning?

    While surfing the web on WiFi, my iPod Touch suddenly, without me touching any of the buttons, went to a black screen and then the Apple logo appeared. It remained for about 15 minutes, which is a long time for a restart, and then the wall paper screen appeared. Anyone else have this problem...
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    Movie Issue on iPod

    I am going on a trip to Europe for a couple of weeks and I wanted to take a few movies along on my iPod Touch to watch on the airplane. These are ones that I own the DVD. I am using Handbrake and VNC viewer to make the mp4 file. Most work just fine. However, some movies will play in iTunes but...
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    Two computers one iPod Touch, Possible?

    Hi, I normally connect my iPod to my iMac at home, where my music library resides. I would like to carry some music on my laptop PC while I travel overseas and then transfer that music to my iPod Touch. Is it possible to transfer some music from iTunes on my Mac to iTunes on my PC, and then...
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    Best in Ear Buds for less money

    Hi, I own a pair of JVC earbuds with the silicone tips that are about five years old. The left ear bud is on a shorter cord than the right so that the cord goes behind your head. They have an extra long cord which gets tangled up and is not very useful. I would like to replace them with ones...
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    Smart Playlist Question

    I created a smart playlist to load any new albums that I have ripped or purchased in the last 2 days. It works fine except the albums are being added to my iPod touch and will eventually run out of space. Is there a way to either create a another step to the existing smart playlist, or create...
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    Weird Song Order on iPod

    In iTunes I have an album, that I ripped from a CD in MP3 format. I created a playlist with the songs in the correct order. When the playlist is synced to my iPod Touch, the order of the songs is changed. I have a 2nd. Generation iPod Touch running 3.2.2 software. Has anyone else seen this issue...
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    iPod Touch Wish List

    With the release of the third generation of the iPod Touch which features were not included that would make you want to buy a new iPod. My list includes, a still/video camera and an FM radio receiver. What other feature or features would you like to see on the next upgrade that would make you...
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    3.3.1 Update and WiFi

    Has anyone noticed any improvement in the WiFi reception with the 3.3.1 software?
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    Version 3.0 & WiFi or Bluetooth Issues Addressed

    If you are having WiFi issues or Bluetooth issues with your iPod Touch after you upgraded to version 3.0, then Apple has some suggestions that might help. There is a link to another support article that refers to resetting your WiFi router.
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    Podcast Speed Adjustment

    One of the new features of 3.0v is the ability to adjust the speed of a podcast, listen to it faster when time is short, and the ability to go back in 30 second increments to hear something again. To get this to work you tap twice while in a podcast and the controls appear. However, on my iPod...
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    Can't add other Podcasts

    I have always subscribed to one pod-cast and I have iTunes set to update that pod-cast with the latest one and delete the older one. I would now like to subscribe to an additional pod-cast. I have subscribed to the new one and iTunes displays the pod-casts but when I sync the iPod it only...
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    iTunes User Guide

    I just found a great guide to using iTunes in PDF format. It can be found at the following URL: