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    whats with the iphone dock?

    I preferred the old dock but when I updated to 1.1.3 the only noticeable difference was now the dock has the metallic style iphone dock, and I can't find a way to change it back. Maybe I can if I pay the $20, it doesn't seem like there's anything new for the ipod unless you pay. Anyone else...
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    Great deal on ipod

    In the apple online store in the Great deal(refurb) section, you can get a 60gb ipod video(both colors), that has a better battery life than the new 30gb ipod video for $20 less than a 30gb. It is a refurb but refurbs come with brand new casings so they are physically identical to a new ipod...
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    No gapless on the ipod photo after sept 12 update

    with today's update to the ipod line it was uncertain if gapless was a new feature on the 5g because of hardware or because of a software update, well all the 5gs now support this feature because it is a software update included in iTunes 7. There is no update for the 4g's however. I don't...
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    tiny insides

    some japanese site bought and disected a nano
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    nano features

    do you think they will release an update for the colour ipod's firmware that gives it the nano's new features, like world clock, screen lock, etc?
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    fs-remote & white ex71's

    SOLD I have had the ipod remote and white ex71's for about a year and I find that I don't use them at all myself, maybe once a month, maybe someone else will use them. I want to sell them both together, the remote I paid $20US for it second hand and the headphones I paid $45US+shipping, so I...
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    ads by gooooogle

    in the ads by google in the top right corner of the forums there was a link/ad about f.r.e.e.p.h.o.t.o.i.p.o.d.s..c.o.m, just thought I'd let you know since you don't even allow posts about those sites.
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    Slideshow issues after updating

    I got my ipod photo today and I was using 1.0 firmware until about 10 mins ago when I upgraded it to 1.1, but I've noticed some issues with the slideshow. First off it will play a few pics fine then it will repeat one picture over and over(repeat is turned off tried shuffle on and off same...
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    xrap for trade/sale

    I was planning on getting a mini but quickly increased my music collection by about 50% so I went with a 30gig photo, anyway, I bought a lajo xrap in wait for the mini but now it is useless. I will trade for a case that will fit my photo(I will take a 4g 20gb case/skin, I can make it work). Or...
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    alternate battery indicator button(s)

    has anyone else noticed that if you press all the buttons on the front(back, forward, vol up, vol down, play) at once that the battery indicator on the back lights up? I've only tried it with a full battery so that combination may just make it turn green and not the actual charge, if it...
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    keeps dismounting

    I got an ipod shuffle today and so far its been nothing but a pain, I plug it in, it shows up in itunes and then I click autofill, the first time it started filling then disconnected by itself after a few songs, now I connect it and it says theres three songs on it so I click autofill again and...
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    why would anyone do this?

    I don't quite understand:
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    Let the fooling begin(Official April fools thread)

    Seeing as it is technically april first I decided to start this thread to see what kind of "fools" the loungers pull on their friends or what happened to them. Or you can post some nice april fools you find on the net. I myself have already convinced a freind from out of town on MSN that my...
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    Lajo xrap for ipod mini

    I bought this thinking I would have an ipod mini by now, but it looks like I won't be getting it. This is a thin tpu protective case, practically invisible, I paid like $13 to get it, so seeing as it is brand new $10 shipped sounds fair. Paypal please.
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    Resolved: feedback for strongergodzila

    feedback for strongergodzila Edited- misunderstanding
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    Lajo exoflp and exo2flp shuffle

    Lajo exoflp and exo2flp shuffle released new shuffle silicone cases were released today, thought you guys would like to know. in the "just released" section.
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    In 4 years

    In 2001 apple released the first ipod for $400, now for just $50 more they have one with 55 more gigs, 5 hours more battery, and a colour screen, and for $150 less you can get one that is much smaller, 1 more gig, and 8 hours more battery. Where do you think the ipod will be at in 4 years?
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    1 year

    yep, one year ago today I joined these boards, just thought I'd share.
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    new mini's on-the-go

    do new minis(or old) support multiple on-the-go playlists like the 4g ipod does?
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    unscratched 3g 15gb-Package

    new 3g 15gb SOLD **SOLD** I sent my ipod in for repairs with like 2 weeks left on my warrenty and got back a new(maybe refurbished with new case) 3g 15gb, it was only taken out of the plastic momentarily to charge it and update it to the latest firmware. This ipod comes with original...