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    Rip DVD to file, then re-rip for every new device

    I have looked, and I have read too much. Brain indigestion. I have lots of DVDs that I want to sell. Ordinary (not blueray or 3D or anything fancy) films and TV series like Stargate etc. I have already ripped them for viewing on my iPad using MacX DVD Ripper Pro. However I now want to view them...
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    Scared of dropping iPhone overboard. Neck cord?

    Off on a little boat watching dolphins. Scared of a wave or a nudge sending my iphone flying out of my hands. Bigger cameras have neck cord, what do you advise for my 3GS please?
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    Which apps work offline? List them here.

    Since no one knows till they (maybe pay for it), download it and try it - which apps work offline? Please say what you've found out!! Can't get the writers to email back and say either!
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    Apps work offline?

    Call me slow (please don't) but these new apps are sometimes referred to as web apps. The question: do all these apps ONLY work IF you are online - which makes them useless for many people most of the time? I like the look of Texas Hold 'em, Notepad, Sketch and a few others but even on their web...
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    Back up to disc

    I want to back up to a hard disk and I can't. I either export the library xml file, export a txt file or have to back up to a CD/DVD!! How do you simply back up the whole lot - mirror it? Just drag and drop in Windows Explorer?
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    Microphone, Notepad and just WOW!!

    Unbelievable gadget. Thousands of tracks, playlists, transferred movies, audiobooks, ripped DVDs and audio CDs, podcasts and god knows what else. Wifi access instant - how slow was it to warm up the laptop! My iGoogle home page with email and Google Docs work fine (can't write on the...
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    Ubuntu anyone?

    I understand that I must use itunes to initiate a brand new itouch. But i don't use Windows or Mac. In Linux there are many programs that handle ipods successfully. Can any user tell me what functionality I will lose - specifically on the itouch itself? Can I just plug it into my ubuntu system...
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    Radio microphone

    I'm an entertainer and want to use my ipod in a good dock as an amplifier/speakers. But I use a radio mike. Anyone know of a good portable system for me, or for aerobics teachers, say, with ipod dock? Mains power is fine. My present portable system has constant crackles (nobody can solve it...