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    Video transfer issue??

    Ok I just got a ipod touch 2nd gen. I have a folder full of videos some from my camera some from various sites on the net. The ones on my camera have been renamed so I know what they are. When I add folder or files to itunes not all of the videos get transferred. They are all in mp4 format. Some...
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    Sub folders for videos

    Is there a way to create a seperate folder or sub folder for my videos, so I can seperate by category?
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    Custom engraved case??

    Is there anywhere that does this? I have found a few places that do text. But I am looking more for a logo.
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    Ripping program? What do you use?

    What program does a good job? Good sound quality, properly pulls song and artist info, and album art? I had been using cdex but had a some issues with incorrect song / artist info. What else works well and is free? Thanks
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    Proper music file structure?

    I have a 30gid 5th gen. My music on my ipod is a complete mess, and I want to clean things up a bit (in hopes of getting an ipod touch soon). First off what program are most of you using for transferring music, pictures, and vids? Second, in your music folder under name what is the proper way...
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    Having issues loading videos and photos

    I have some mp4 videos I tried loading on my ipod. I use anapod explorer for syncing, and am on xp. I sync the videos into the video folder on the ipod. It says they transferred ok. But I cannot see them or find them on my ipod. I try again, and it says they already exist?? I had the same...
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    FLV to MP4 conversion?

    Is there a decent free converter out there? Thanks
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    I actually got a reply

    Wonders never cease, I finally got a resopnse. "We received your request for a new activation. We've made a note of it in your account and you should now be able to activate your new device. To activate, simply plug it in, and repeat the same online activation request process you did for...
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    Anapod help. cannot activate new ipod

    I just bought a new 30g ipod and I am trying to use my anapod software with it. But when I try to activate it I get a message that says this activation # has already been used once for activation. I have a 20g ipod that has already been activated. I know there is a manual activation option but I...