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    Deleteing Albums

    This is related to my other thread. I want to delete some purchased albums from my "touch" but when I press the delete from library button I get another popup box that says deleting will also remove from "all your devices" does this include iTunes? I don't want to constantly re-download to that...
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    Why are albums not showing?

    I Have an iPod Touch which I add albums through iTunes. I've purchased a few albums from itunes store which even though I didn't transfer them now play on my touch. When I plug my touch into iTunes they don't show on the Touch library so how did they get transferred and where are they? How do I...
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    Putting albums/tracks onto USB stick

    I used to burn albums/tracks onto CD's to play in the car but modern cars don't seem to have CD players now a days so I presume will need to use USB sticks. How do I transfer albums/tracks onto these?
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    Making a Compilation

    I want to make a compilation of songs in iTunes to burn on to disc but can't work out how to do this.
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    Apple dropping iTune in the future.

    With the news that Apple intend stopping iTunes in the future I wondered where, or even if I can, move my library too another media. Given that I've over 1300 albums this is somewhat important. Also where ever I move it too will that service recognize my iPod?
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    iTunes update install issue

    I'm trying to install the current update ( but am getting the following error message "The installation of apple application support did not complete successfully" It that finish's without installing.
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    iTunes and new MP3 player

    I have a ipod nano (4th gen) that is 10 years old and showing signs of failing as the center button stops working now and again. Even though it's been reset it still give problems. If i just get a bogstandard MP3 player will iTunes recognise it?
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    How Many Albums??

    In previous versions of iTunes at the bottom of the page it would show how many albums and how big (in Gigs) your iTunes libray is. This seems to have disappeared. Is there any way to get this back?
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    Best way to back up iTunes music library?

    Usually i follow this path to back up My Docs/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/ Music, then open file and select all files, copy and paste to file in external HD Is there a quicker, better way to do this?
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    Large Library/Slow iTunes

    Following on from my previous thread i see that most people with this problem seem to move over to MediaMonkey which is much better at handling this . If i did move over would i just import my iTunes library and could i still carry on using my iPod with it?
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    iTunes curser slow

    Since the recent update to iTunes my cursor which i use to move up and down the library has become stuttery and slow to move. Any ideas why and how i can fix it?
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    IPod 4th gen playlist problem

    I've created a playlist/compilation of various artist in iTunes under an album name and ticked the "part of a compilation" box then transferred it to my ipod. On there all the songs are shown under the artists names and not as an album so i have to search through to find them. How can i get them...