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    my speculation on the next gen ipod....

    yes i know there are many threads like this but i have never made one and i have yet to see this....anyways here is my idea/concept apple will bring out a 30gb and 60gb FLASH memory based ipod (considering samgsung has developed 32gb nand flash which can be doubled to make 64gb) so that seems...
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    VOTE FOR UNDERCUT!!!! mtv movie awards!!!

    im tryin to help out some friends so they can win the MTV movie award for student film you can vote as many times as u want just please vote for UNDERCUT!!!!!
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    testing waters for WTT

    i have a 60gb black ipod video with a case, 60hour external battery, and all the accessories along with a firewire charger for the ipod/external im wondering what kind of offers i would get im looking to trade for a psp with a 1gb memory stick and a nano...if anyone is down i...
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    Speck Products' Mystery Cases...anyone get it?

    i just ordered a mystery case for my 60gb 5g....has anyone else ordered one and which one did u get...i'll post when i get mine in
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    positive - Cog

    great seller...cable was in good condition as described thanks a bunch...shipped fast too
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    FS: barely used xtrememac Airplay2 for all dock connecting ipods

    FS: barely used xtrememac Airplay2 for all dock connecting ipods (like itrip dock) i got the airplay2 but i didnt use it much....i barely figured out how to use it but im too busy driving to be messing with the ipod (i drive a stick shift in LA traffic during rush hour) so its not very driver...
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    WTB: iTrip with dock connector for 5G/nano

    as the title says im looking for a 5G itrip that goes on the bottom...i ordered one but it was taking way way too long so i said screw it and cancelled and im gonna try here...looking for it anywhere around $25-45 or so...if anyone has one just pm me or reply or email me at...
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    For those who received the ipods and bought it online with a credit card/debitcard

    this mainly pertains to those of you who used to buy it with debit/credit cards that can view transactions online as they happened well if you dont want to answer this it is ok but i have a question when you bought your ipod and u used a credit/debit card ie. bank of america and you can see...
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    Free music video *ipod ready*

    im just tryin to help spread a music video my friend edited together for an indie rock group up in norcal called The Wildlife the song is called electric slide part 2 and its really good... im usually in the hip hop genre but this is so good i have to post it up... enjoy...
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    FT: Ipod 40 gb for 20gb color

    FT: iPod 40 gb for 20gb color...or FS... i have an Apple iPod 40 GB which is less than a week old but it has a cracked lcd cuz of temp changes...ill give u the dock the 40gb ipod usb cable and cds and stuff for a 20 gb or maybe a 30gb used color/photo...anyone out there? who wants to trade...i...
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    FS: new sealed 4g, 40gb ipod

    FS: New sealed 40 gb Clickwheel ipod brand new sealed 4th gen 40 gb ipod for sale includes all accessories that come with ipods and dock. has not been used or opened...just got it to...since i have a mini and thats all i need so i'm selling it for $380 shipped OBO email me at...
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    FS: new ipod mini silver

    FS: almost new ipod mini silver i bought this ipod at a circuit city brand new for $250+tax it is perfect in condition...the foam for the earbuds are still sealed...the usb cable and firewire cable are still intact...the charger has been opened to charge the ipod with...belt clip never used...