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    HD Consoles

    So, Nintendo has decided to not put High Defenition on it's list of features for the Revolution. Personally, I don't really care too much about high def at the moment. It's getting big, I know that, but, IMO, it's not widespread enough to warrant making a console that takes advantage of it...
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    battery replacement?

    I've been wondering about the battery in the shuffle. I'm surprised no one has asked the question: battery replacement for the shuffle? Replacing a battery currently costs as much as the shuffle itself. What's up? Are there any user replaceable methods?
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    3G case?

    Hey all. I'm thinking of getting a case for my 3G 15GB. What do you guys recommend. I was thinking of the i-Vod 3G from Vaja as it has gotten only glowing reviews. Do you guys have other recommendations. I'd prefer a case that doesn't add too much bulk to the ipod, so that it's easy to slip in...
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    Flash-based iPod?

    I don't have much of an opinion over a flash-based iPod, but Appleinsider has an article about how their might be flash-based iPods. Check it out and tell me what you guys think. :)
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    stuck on do not disconnect

    Hey all. I had recently converted some of my old mp3's into aac's. But when I tried to update my 3G 15GB iPod (with the newly formatted songs) it got stuck on one of them and just stopped working. It's now stuck on the do not disconnect screen and it won't get noticed by any of the iPod software...
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    Third Party Adapters?

    Are there any third party AC Adapters for the iPod?
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    Hey all. I got a bit of a problem. My iPod casing (silvery looking back) is kind of bloated, causing it to slightly seperate from the white face plate. Has this happened to any of you guys and do you have any suggestions?
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    which iPod do you have?

    I was just wondering what type of iPod do you guys have. Could you also post your size (HD space on iPod). I've got a 3rd gen 15GB(the one without the dock and other stuff).