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    FOR SALE: Bang & Olufsen A8's

    I'm selling my B&O A8s as I have recently bought a set of IEMs and nolonger have a need for these :) They are just over a year old and in perfect condition - I havent used them much as I have a second pair and I use my stereo at home - but they sound great! PACKAGE INCLUDES: - 1 x Set of B&O...
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    Ultimate Ears 5 Pro I just ordered a pair of these for myself for xmas.. after reading great reviews all over the interent I have the utmost confidence in my purchace, and I simply cant wait to get em!! I'll be back here with a detailed review as soon...
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    Proof Of Ipod Video!!

    iPod VIDEO - PROOF!! Eureka!! I have proof! check it out!! T.
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    Sew your own nano case

    Well, I got sick of waiting for the bulky plasic cases to come out that will no-doubt make a nano as thick as a regular iPod... Here's my case.. Just an old Arnettes sunglasses bag.. lost the glasses years ago so i chopped it up and made this! No scratches since, and because the fabric is...
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    Hold Button Stuck

    **URGENT** Hold Button Stuck/Broken Bought a nano today, charged it for 12 hours, turned it on and the hold lock was on even though hold wasnt on. i flicked it back & forth 20 times, the lock stayed on.. I'm in melboune on holiday and this ruined my holiday.. ive been waiting all day for it...
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    5G: I'd like to see..

    I'd like to see them take down the thickness using OLED displays.. OLED would be especially cool if they go with the aluminium rumours we've all heard.. *drools @ OLED* I'd also like to see the backlighting coming back, maybe in blue this time? even a cool lil ring of lights around the edge of...