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    The Philippines

    Okay people, let me ask you this... What do you know about the Philippines? Perceptions, facts, experiences and anyting else related would be appreciated. No offense will be taken. Thanks
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    The 2005/2006 Football Thread

    The Football season will be starting in less than a month, so, um... boss madpict, is it ok to start this thread again? i'm perfectly fine with moving it to the board games section too :)
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    The Apple stores are down

    Apple Stores Down/New iBooks & Mac minis mmm. new products
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    Give Me Some BLUES

    Hey guys, can you recommend some "face-melting" blues? With long guitar solos that cry :D
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    Ali G: In The House

    What part of this movie made you laugh the most? :)
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    Dave Grohl: Nirvana or Foo Fighters

    Was he better with Nirvana or with the Foo Fighters? :)
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    Question on decompressing Music Files

    Is it even possibe? And, when you burn a 192 kbps mp3 file into a cd, does the file get decompressed? or will the quality suffer? thanks :)
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    Happy Holidays!!!

    Happy holidays ipodloungers! that's all :D
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    Do You Like the NEW iPods?

    seems like the ipod photo is a lot thicker than the normal 40gb ipod
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    who's the funniest?

    who makes you laugh the hardest?
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    what's your favorite guns 'n' roses song?

    what's your favorite guns 'n' roses song? mine is, um, estranged i guess, from use your illusion 2
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    what's with the hpPod?

    its the same?!?! hehe just an hp logo on the back instead of an apple one
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    The Definitive Complaining About the Placement of the Football Thread Thread

    Arsenal 5 - Boro 3 GAME of the SEASON. 3 goals in 5 minutes.... wow. wow. lovin' it
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    ManYoo or Chelski?

    who do you think will win the game tonight? chelski 2-0