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    2.0 Finally fixed my Cover Flow issue

    Ever since I got the Touch on release day, I have been complaining about a bug in CoverFlow that wasn't addressed as the firmware updates came and went. Many here said there was no bug and CoverFlow was never meant to behave like I expected. I'm talking about when listening to music in...
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    Can someone explain the Remote app to me?

    After reading about how this is the must have app for 2.0, I quickly downloaded it. I set my Touch in iTunes, put my Touch on my docking station in the kitchen, select my playlist and, and..... nothing. no music, nothing. I thought the whole point was to be able to listen to our entire iTunes...
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    Coverflow behavior on the Touch

    I'm listening to my Touch in the Coverflow view (landscape). After the song ends and it moves to the next, the album cover and title stay the same as the first song played. Huh? Am I doing something wrong? There is no way that is normal (i.e. designed to do that). I would think when the next...
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    Very low volume on line out jack

    I just got a new 60GB iPod Photo. With my last player a Creative Jukebox 3, I would hook it up to the line in of a PC or an FM Transmitter via it's own line in. I realize the iPod don't have a seperate line in but when I hook it up to the same PC or FM Transmitter I get almost zero volume. I'm...
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    Sync with Home PC, Add songs at work?

    I just received my first iPod last night. I have had MP3 players since the old Rio Diamond 32 meg player but this is my first Apple. I've been browsing this site while my iPod was shipping and I haven't found a clear answer to the following situation that probably a lot of users deal with. I...