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    Refurb Nano - DOA??

    The refurb 2G Nano that I ordered arrived today. I unpacked it, hooked it up to my computer and let it sync & charge... it had been charging for about 4 hours when I thought it would be safe to disconnect it and play with it. As soon as I disconnected it from my computer, however, it died. The...
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    Software Update for 1, 2, 3G iPods! This update gives 1, 2, 3G iPods the option to Shuffle in the main menu, as well as moving Playlists and Browse into the Music menu.
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    Favourite album names?

    What're your favourite album names? I think these are pretty cool: Brushfire Fairytales - Jack Johnson Quadrophenia - The Who Rubber Soul - The Beatles Yankee Hotel Foxtrot - Wilco Oh, Inverted World - The Shins A Momentary Lapse Of Reason - Pink Floyd The Delicate Sound Of Thunder - Pink...
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    Non-iTunes AAC File-Joining program

    I have an audio-book in 23 parts ripped in AAC. I burned it to a Data DVD, and now would like to re-rip it and join all the tracks together so it's easier to play on my iPod. The problem is the DVD isn't being recognized by iTunes, so I have to way to join the files now (and I have no access to...
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    Favourite OS X Freeware

    (excuse me if this has been covered before, the search function of this forum is severely crippled) What're your favourite freeware apps for OS X? Mine: - QuickTunes puts the title and artist of the currently playing iTunes song in the menubar (see my screenshot in the desktops thread for an...
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    retaining playcount when converting to AAC

    I'd like to convert my mostly .MP3 iTunes library to AAC, because I've heard it has better sound quality and smaller file sizes. When testing this out on a few tracks, I noticed that after being coverted, the playcount was reset (which I guess makes sense). The playcount information is valuable...
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    help w/ Smart Playlist parameters

    there's probably a really obvious solution to this that I'm missing, but...meh. I want a smart playlist that only shows songs I've played today. If I set it to "Last played is [date]", then I have to go back every day and change the date because it's not live-updating. If I set it to "played in...
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    Quick question

    I remember reading somewhere that there's a key combo that'll prevent your iPod from updating if you're in Auto Sync when you connect it. Does anyone remember it?
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    Weird problem with transferring Smart Playlists

    I have a few smart playlists for which order is very important; Most Played, Recently Added, Recently Played, etc. When I sync up my iPod, some of those playlists are reversed. That is, my Most Played will be backwards on my iPod but in proper order on iTunes. It kind of alternates, too. Like...