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    [5.5G] The Constant Reset/Low Battery loop.

    Well, haven't posted here in a while...but my problem with my 80gb 5.5g Video is that when I took it out my bag today and turned it on, it kept resetting for some reason, and than after a few minutes I had the low battery icon...which is odd since my iPod was obviously on hold, and unless my bag...
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    1 more Consolidation Question

    I know I made a similiar post a couple of weeks ago, but I have one more question. Using an external harddrive, after I change the iTunes music folder location TO the external HDD, than I consolidate the library (and thus I can delete the music off my computer correct?). Well, my last question...
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    Manual Update...Smartlists and

    Ok, so I've finally given up trying to squeeze out every GB of my computer and am in the process of moving my music off the computer onto external HDDs and what not. This obviously means that I have to use Manual Update, so that it won't wipe my iPod everytime. usual routine is...
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    I know this isn't the right place for this since it's iTunes, but I figure it gets read more often here. Newho, if I have soundcheck checked off in my preferences, is there any way that I can OMIT some albums (or songs) from being auto changed...this is simply because I had too many songs to...
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    Newbie Smartlist Question

    Just finally reading up on and trying smartlists (yeah...shoulda started a while ago..:shake: ). Newho, so I make a couple rules such as: Playlist is not [X], Playlist is [Y], I check Live Update, and only checked items, and now when I limit I choose: 200 items selected by least recently...
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    PREshuffled Battery question

    So I know that shuffle blows the battery more often, but recently (guess I've never done this over the course of a year that often lol) I turn off my shuffle option in the settings and I click 'Shuffle Songs' and just let it run. Does that waste the battery as much? Or does it not since there...
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    Hate to make a topic like this here, but I've seen some people here before. For anyone visting does the site work for anybody? Better yet, does anyone know why or how long it will be down for?
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    How is the 'User Selection' Playlist determined?

    Well, I've been having to uncheck quite a few songs in the past couple of weeks since I've run over my 27.something or other gig mark =/. Today I just let the songs upload and iTunes gave me the option of making a 'selection' playlist. Now I have about 40mb left over, and when I check that...
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    Oi! Album Art fiasco! iTunes 7.0

    So...when I let iTunes analyze all my songs and such a give album art to them, I thought this would be a nice time saving feature. Now on iTunes the album art is perfectly fine, but the same songs on my ipod (vid) are all whacko...mixing up the album art completely BUT this seems to be an...
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    iTunes 7.0 Albums..

    Really dumb question I'm sure...but how do I select only one album to play...on old iTunes I know that I could just select it in the mini browser with the 3 windows...but with that do I do it now..or how do I make that browser visible again.
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    M4P to MP3 conversion?

    Well as you might know, when you get songs from iTunes they are in M4P which is kinda annoying since apparently things like winamp and some other things dont work it. Is there a conversion method thats free? I looked on the internet and only found JHYMN but that was supposed to only work for...
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    Another Recommend please T_T [Another rock]

    Well I have been reading the Rock recommendation and indie threads an all, for that recent rock recommend thread it was more punkish and though im not totally clear on what I want lol, hopefully you can clear up what I like and recommend if you've got any suggestions. Im guessing I'll take most...
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    3.8GBs of Music, 5.6 GB taken, yeah again..

    Well i own a 30gb iPod, im aware that theres only 28.4gb or whatever on the iPod, thats not the problem. On iTunes I have approximatley 3.97GB of music, when i upload my music to my iPod it comes out as 5.6GB used up. Now ive had this problem before, and i restored....but honestly since Dec.18...
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    Lol? iPod doing weird things..

    Okidokie my 5G 30gb ipod connects and all that iTunes updates etc....after it updates, iTunes says "ipod update complete" but the DND message stays...and when i try to remove via says being used by another file or something, so i disconnect it manually. I try hooking it up again...
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    Someone recommend me some study music

    Well was wondering if anybody knew some nice music that I can study to, no rap/hip hop, and nothing too loud, lol what do you guys study too (something I can listen to and not get distracted while a study :D )
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    Conversion at 1500 not 768

    Well using Videora I seem to have converted a TV episode at 1500kbps, but i thought that iPod's max was 768, though the file is about 30mb larger than the average, it plays fine on the iPod.
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    Doubling Artist Listing Question

    Well on my 5G, after i update, I go to the artists section on the iPod, and for a minority of the Artists, they seem to have been listed twice BUT not the songs, i.e. Nirvana-Come as You Are, etc..., and under that is the other Nirvana-But different songs in this list from's kinda...
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    Comparison Zen/iPod (no bashing)

    Comparison Zen/Ipod (no bashing) Well especially in the past couple weeks, theres been lots of new contreversy over Creative Zen Vision: M, and the Ipod Video. I'd just like to post my 2 cents. Zen Vision -Better video quality (probably not as much as those compared photos, but its like 200k...