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    Tiger Is Awesome - >>All Tiger related posts here please<<

    Tiger Is Awesome Just got Tiger today and installed it, and I must say this OS is living up to its expectations. Spotlight is as good as I'd hoped, and the Mail and iChat app tweaks are nice as well. Although I have to say, the widgets are what have stolen my heart. They're cute, handy, and...
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    Remote control hunting

    So this guy in California has set up a remote hunting system, whereby anyone with a computer and a couple hundred bucks can hunt actual live animals roaming on a ranch in Texas with their mouse and keyboard. Needless to say, this videogame-style hunting system has caused a bit of debate. I, for...
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    Official "24" thread

    Well, those "Lost" fans have a thread of their own. I figured the "24" fans should respond. So... here's a thread. Who all out there is a fan of 24?
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    Distortion with cassette adapter in 92 Explorer

    Hey, I have a 1992 Ford Explorer with all factory equipment (AM/FM Radio and Cassette deck). I have an Apple dock installed in the ashtray, and I have a cigarette adapter charger going from the dock to my cigarette lighter. I also have a cassette adapter going from the cassette deck to the line...
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    iSkin ad

    Hey I just noticed this. You can see the line of ads down the right side of this page; well sometimes there's an iSkin one at the top. Specifically, look for the one advertising the Lava iSkin (it has the purple guy who looks like he just got a bee sting). If you notice, the "skinned" iPod has...
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    The 1,000 post club

    Well, my 1,000th post is drawing nigh, and I was just wondering what you Lounge vets are going to do to celebrate this monumentous occasion. I assume there will be a huge party, with plenty of gifts for Joshdude. What better way to commend the greatest Lounger ever? There should be a 1,000 post...
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    Mini killer? No, but still very good.

    I recently tried out the Creative Zen Micro player (Creative's competitor to the mini), and I must say, I'm impressed. The player really is awesome. The button layout, which I thought might be confusing, was, in fact, very easy to use. It has all the mini buttons, plus a cool menu button that...
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    All Tomorrow's Parties

    For anyone who doesn't know what ATP is, it's a 2-day concert that runs every year with a few famous headliners and a bunch of smaller bands to expand your music vocabulary. This year's is being curated by Modest Mouse, and the big headline was Lou Reed. I just attended the 1st half last night...
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    iPod remote in backpack strap

    I just got the iPod remote, and while I am overall happy with it, I have one problem. The cord combined with the headphone cord makes for a long and tangly mess. I could stuff it all in my pocket, but this is hard because there are wires coming out of both ends. So I decided that I wanted to...
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    Debate: 3G vs. 4G-Who won?

    This is a poll set up to see who won the debate between aquatika and I about the 3G vs. the 4G. This was the first formal iPodlounge debate, and it went rather well in my opinion. So while I'm fairly confident that I lost, this poll is to show how most debates could be voted on. Of course, there...
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    Will no one debate me?!

    It has been a good while since MikeM very generously created a sticky therad outlining proper debate structure and procedure. However, as of yet, no one has used this resource (at least not to my knowledge)! Now, I realize that to start and participate in a debate takes more effort that posting...
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    Contour Showcase 4G for trade, sale, whatever

    FS or FT: Contour Showcase 4G I found a white Contour Showcase for the 4G iPod on the floor of my local Fry's Electronics, and since it was out of the box and a little used, the guy let me keep it. I have a 3G iPod, and I'm not planning on buying a 4G, so I have no use for this. I'll sell it...
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    Radiohead on MSN music store!!

    For some reason, Radiohead music has not been available for download on the iTunes music store. I have always been pretty miffed at this, but it appears it will stay that way. However, I was browsing around, and apparently Microsoft's new iTMS competitor, the MSN Music store, will be offering...
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    Debate forum!

    I recently finished a very good debate with br-, and I must say it fired me up. Sadly, I'm losing in the poll to decide who won. I guess less people see my point. Oh well, no worries. I enjoyed the experience immensely. br- proved to be quite a good debater, although as with all debates, points...
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    A Long Conversation about Proper Headphone Recommendations

    Admin note: This was split from a thread about high-end headphones. Its off-topic but still a somewhat relevant discussion. The original thread. Bose isn't crap at all. What makes you say that? All Bose equipment I've tried, I've loved.
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    My Palm Pilot success story!

    Ok so I walked into the Apple Store today expecting to just return my 3G 20GB refurb iPod. While doing that I found out that the other Apple store I had bought it at had overcharged me quite a bit for it, but that's another story. So I notice that the store (this is the South Coast Plaza one, by...
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    Back from Mexico

    Well I just got back from my week-long trip to Mexico. Man it's different down there. You can't drink the water, of course. Anyway, we rented a house on the beach in Ensenada, which is about 2 hours south of San Diego in the Baja. Totally awesome view, but no waves as we were in a bay. Still it...
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    Got a 20GB 3G for cheap!

    I just got a 3G 20GB iPod new and unopened for $275 including shipping on eBay. Also I get $65 to some bootleg PDA website for accessories, so I can get an extra dock finally :D. It's just lucky for me that I prefer the 3G design, because their demand is sinking like a rock, passing the savings...
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    WTB: Firewire to dock connector cable ONLY

    I'm looking for a Firewire to dock connector cable to use with my iPod. I don't want the power adpter, thohhugh. If you have the cable AND a dock, I'll buy both together. PM me and make me an offer. Thanks!
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    Rubber feet for back of iPod?

    I recently decided that, as awesome as the iSkin eVo was, it made my iPod too thick for me. I wanted the sleek and slim iPod, not the protected but slightly bulkier iPod. Anyway, what I want are 4 small rubber feet that I can stick on the back of my iPod so that they touch whatever surface the...