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    iLounge at CES 2012

    Hi folks, I'm not sure where this should be posted, so feel free to move. Your booth was amazing! I'm sure you've gotten many comments on this, but the iPod timeline is always something I love to stop in at and enjoy. For those that did not make the show, here are a couple of small images (I...
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    Redheads extinct by 2100

    This is an interesting article on how rare your friend's red hair may actually be. Now, please, before we have a run on scalping, there's still a great deal of red-headed men and women in europe still around. So do you know a redhead? Are you one? My girlfriend is actually a redhead, although...
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    iPod theft - stop that iPod thief!

    Well, we know the people that are stealing iPods are pretty mean, so what's the best way keep 'em away (besides garlic around our necks and silver bullets)?
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    San Francisco all nighter

    Anyone know any good all night clubs or martini bars in San Fran? I have to travel there for one day and, with an early flight back, I'll sleep on the plane.
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    Favorite Marvel Movies

    So what is your favorite Marvel Superhero Movie or Character? There's a few more movies coming next year to look forward to...
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    Favorite Starbucks or Coffee Shop drinks

    Love coffee? Post your favorite coffee shop drinks... So I once overheard someone ordering a soy drink. Then I got hooked on soy. Then I tried vanilla. Then I tried extra hot. well, you get the idea... Winter morning: venti vanilla soy latte extra hot Christmas time: grande skim caramel...
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    FS 3G iPod + Vaja iVod + Access. + 3-Head

    I'm finally getting around to this! FS 3G iPod, Excellent Condition never out of its Vaja iVod Jean/Red Case. Vaja iVod Jean/Caterina Red Case with Clip iPod Box 2 Yr Applecare exp Dec 2005 All orig accessories Sony Ex-71 Black Original Apple Headphones Newer Apple Ear buds I will send more...
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    Purple that is Pink Poll

    So the nice girl at work that wanted my 3G 40G, instead decided on a pink mini after I told her all about it. She brings it right to her desk, opens it and has a strange look on her face. A couple of people stop buy and say "hey nice purple mini!" She was done after that!
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    Vote- favorite "Team America World Police" Movie Scene

    This movie was hilarious - it flamed EVERYONE!
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    Nice Girl at work wants my iPod

    So there's this sweet girl at work that wants to buy my 3G iPod, and I do not want to take advantage. What should I charge for a 3G in perfect shape (always been in a case)? Also, is the Apple Care Plan transferable, as well as the registration? Many thanks for the responses...
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    Post best sausage (the food) here

    There we we, bored and hungry at the trade show that just passed (World Gaming), we went to the lower level of the convention center in search of free food, and there they were. These two guys in red grilling all kinds of Jody Maroni Sausage! If the smell did not draw us in, it was the...
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    Post Here - Most annoying Flight Attendant Story Here

    Most annoying Flight Attendant Story For the most part they're great people, really sweet...but when they want to get back at us...we have no recourse (unless you wanna get arrested when you land) except here! How have they ####ed YOU off? Yesterday's trip Red-eye flight from Vegas to Newark...
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    itunes laptop needs service

    So I read the great thread relocation the iTunes library, but it does not address moving the program itself. Can I have two laptops w the same library. Should I use the deauthorize computer feature copy my library, or should...