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    Skullcandy earphones?

    A local store has some of these earphones on sale. but I am not sure which model to get. Skullcandy Ink'd smokin buds.... Or Skullcandy...
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    One playlist?

    Is there any way to make the Shuffle only sync from one playlist? I am trying to manage my moms shuffle along with my own ipod nano and iPhone. she only wants some of the songs, so is there anyway for my to sync the Shuffle with a playlist that she creates of the songs that she wants? Or are...
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    Video editing?

    I am looking for a free software program for when I encode a season of a TV show for my iPhone. I want to be able to cut out and rename the different episodes so that I can pick which one I want to watch. Any programs that would work for this? Also, it was recommended that I encode my videos...
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    Can I use something other than Outlook?

    I only have Outlook Express on my home computer, and I would like to have a calendar application that I can sync my iPhone with. Are there any other programs (preferably free) that have syncable calendar and contacts features? I do not want to spend $90 on Outlook just for that.
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    Testing videos?

    I do not have an iPhone (or other video capable ipod) yet, but I would like to convert some of my DVDs and have then ready for when I get one. If I use DVD43 and then Handbrake to convert my DVDs into ipod format, is there a way that I can test and know that they will work on my iPhone? If I...
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    Women, what do you do?

    I (hopefully) will be getting an iPhone in the next couple of months, and I plan on putting a BSE on it. But the problem that I have is carrying the phone around. Most of the time it will be in my purse or back pocket, but I do not have my purse with me when I am at work. Dress pants do not...
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    UK iPhone?

    Is it true that if I get a UK iPhone I can use it on USA T-mobile? I really want an iPhone, but I do not want to deal with unlocking, and I would love to keep T-mobile and my plan. If it is possible to get it to work, how would I get a UK iPhone? Thanks for the help.
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    Unlocking iPhone ?s

    I really want an iPhone, but I do not want change from T-mobile to AT&T. I know that there are a bunch of threads about this, but I could find the answers to some of my questions. So here are my questions... 1. What does unlocking do to the warranty? 2. Will the phone/internet stuff work...
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    Computer games?

    I want to buy The Sims 2, but I don't want to spend more than about $20, because I do not know if I will like it. Does anyone know of a good website for cheap PC games? (even if it is more than $20 I would consider it) Are there any problems with used PC games? (If I bought it on ebay would...
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    I want to use my songs as ringtones on my new phone, it has an mp3 player, but the songs are to long to be ringtones! I need some kind of software that will let me create a file that is just a clip of a song, please help! They are in mp3 format, and if the song is short enough it will let me...
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    Help I need a new phone!

    I need to upgrade my phone, but I do not want to spend more than about 50 dollars, and I only want to sign a one year extension, not two. I am looking for suggestions on phones that people here really like. I have been looking at some of the different Moto RAZRs and also the Samsung t619. I...
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    Question about Moto RAZR V3

    Does anyone know if the regular V3 has MP3 ringtones? I have a T-mobile account and I am looking for a new phone, I like the pearl gray RAZR, but it is just listed as a V3. I thought that I read somewhere that it has MP3 ringtones. I am not worried about it actually playing music (I have a...
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    Nano acting strange!

    I plug my nano into a cord that has a dock connector in the car. Sometimes when I plug it in and push play the little symbol in the corner says that it is playing, but there is no sound, I have to put it to sleep and then wake it up and push play and it works fine. Not really a big deal, but if...
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    9/11 Five Years Later.

    How do you feel five years later, and how has your life changed? I want everyone who lost someone that day to know that you are in my thoughts. Life has changed for the entire world, and I am greatful for the support that everyone has given to us as Americans. I have been listening to the...