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    Order of TV Shows on 160 Classic

    I'm having a problem with the order of some TV shows on my iPod. I have some seasons of Seinfeld that are in the right order, but then there are others that are just in alphabetical order? All track and episode numbers are numbered correctly. Any advice could help.
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    A/V Cable Picture Quality W/Classic

    I'm thinking about getting the A/V component for my iPod Classic, but I'd like to know first what the quality is like on the videos? I've seen one of the 5.5 gens on a TV before, is it better than that? Any opinions would help.
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    iTunes Slows Down With 160GB Classic Plugged In

    My iTunes works like a charm when my classic isn't plugged in, but when it is plugged in iTunes slows to a crawl. What am I doing wrong? I only have about 40GB of stuff in the iTunes and iPod library. It doesn't do this on all computers either, I've used 2 other computers to put stuff on my iPod...
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    Can I use USB 1.0 or Firewire to Sync?

    Can I use USB 1.0 or firewire to sync to a classic?
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    Do Classics Ship Fully Charged

    I just got a 160 GB classic and plugged it into the wall charger that I have (my computer doesn't charge) and it says that it is already fully charged.
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    Error 1418 and Frozen New iPod

    So I got my dad a 80GB video iPod for his birthday which is this Friday to replace his old 15GB 3G iPod, and I thought it would be nice to put what his has on his old iPod onto the new one. So I plugged in the iPod to add the songs to it, I guess this is where I made my first mistake when I...
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    Stop Autofill?

    Is there a way for me to update my 1G shuffle the same way I update my photo, by just dragging songs to it on iTunes? I usually delete songs from my HD once they are on an iPod and would like to do the same with the shuffle. Any help?
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    Echo and Tag Issue

    I'm running version 6.0 of iTunes, and I am having a few issues... When I am trying to play a song, it sort of skips and there is an echo. I have never had this problem with any previous versions of iTunes, and it is with all songs so I know it's not the file. Also with some songs when I try...
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    1 iPod 2 Computers???

    I was wondering if it were possible for me to do this but I want to ask here before I try it: I've been using computer A to put music onto my iPod, however I now want to use computer B to put music on my iPod...I don't think anything bad will happen I just want to make sure first. Any help is...
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    What Time Are New Songs Added to iTunes

    I want to ge the new Incubus song that comes out tomorrow (Tuesday) and I was wondering if there is a time that apple posts the new songs for the day?
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    iPod wont shut off

    My iPod will not shut off I have tried holding down pause and I have tried resetting it and nothing will work. It has never done this before. I have also left it alone to see if it will shut off on its own and nothing happens???
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    id3-TagIT Please Help!?!?!

    I'm trying to mass-edit my tags for my Incubus bootlegs and instead of using iTunes to do it one at a time I'm trying to use id3-TagIT to edit them faster. But everytime I change it in id3-TagIT the changes never show up in iTunes. What am I doing wrong????
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    I'm trying to mass-edit my tags for my Incubus bootlegs and instead of using iTunes to do it one at a time I'm trying to use id3-TagIT to edit them faster. But everytime I change it in id3-TagIT the changes never show up in iTunes. What am I doing wrong????
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    id3 Issues

    I have some songs that I tagged using id3 Tag-It but they were id3v2.2, when I look at the tags in iTunes the song tags are not changed I noticed the ones that got changed that are v2.3 show up good in iTunes. Is there any application for me to use that will change the tags from v2.2 to 2.3? Or...
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    Case for 40GB iPod photo

    I'm looking for a case for a 40GB photo that will protect the screen and will fit in the dock. I would like it if the wheel isn't covered. Does anybody have any suggestions?
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    Can't See Without the Backlight

    I just got my photo and while playing around with it I notice that without backlighting the screen is useless. Is this normal?
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    Organizing Photos

    Is there anyway that I can have my photos organized? I don't like having all the pictures just there.
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    Is there an iPod photo Case Like iSkin that will fit in the dock?

    I'm not sure if this forum or the cases forum is the right place for this question but here goes. Is there a case like the iSkin that I can fit in the dock and will protect my iPod?
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    Just Ordered and I Have a Few Questions

    Well I just ordered the 40GB iPod Photo from and I have a few questions so I can be ready when it arrives: What software comes with the iPod Photo? I keep reading that you can use Adobe Album to put photos on the iPod, but it doesn't say if it comes with it or not. Also if you bought...
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    A Few iPod Photo Questions

    I'm thinking about upgrading my 20GB 3G for a new 30GB iPod Photo and there are a few questions I have gathered. 1. Can I use USB 1.1? 2. Will the dock from my 3G work with it? 3. How accurate is the advertised battery life? 4. What stuff from my 3G will work with it? If I think of anymore I...