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    The Strangest Ebay Ipod Description I have Ever Seen??

    Hey I was looking for ipod stuff on good old Ebay and I came across this "Evil ex-boyfriend Gift Cursed Silver iPod Mini RRP $399 The Quickie Divorce iPod - buy now to break up easily " What THe? Read On to find Out...
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    Nokia's Hunting down Apple and their Ipods

    Hey I found this artical on Nokias new Phone, Apple and Sony better hurry up... Apple said it sold 5.3 million iPods in the first three months of 2005 while Canon was the top seller of digital cameras in 2004, with 17 percent of the global market of 74 million units, according to research firm...
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    OK To Disconect Pic Disapearence

    Hey, Ever scince I have changed My Ok and Do Not Disconect Pic, When it stops Saying dont connect, it just goes straight to the menu screan. I really want to see my Pic cause it was so mad. So what could be happening? and how do I fix it? Thanks Sar PS I have reloaded it a few times but there...
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    HELP- Perswasive Speach 4 school

    Hey I really need some help. I have to do a Perswasive speach In a week and i still have no idea what to do still.... It has to be a topic a whole lot of 15 yr olds will get and something i can make funny. Thanks Heaps Cause im seriouslly screwed! Sar..
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    Serious HELP needed- Changing the graphics..

    Hey, I’m currently in the process off creating a theme for my ipod mini- It’s looking really good. So I open up my new version of Ipod Updater 2005-03-23. But On they say they are using iPod Update 2004-11-15. What one am I supposed to be using? Also...
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    Going to Mod My Mini-Any Tips

    Hey, I am planning to put a hello kitty theme on my ipod mini. Does anybody have any good tips etc... Ill post picks when Im done.. Sar
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    Are iPods becoming too common?

    Are Ipods Becomming to common? Hey, Over the last few weeks I have noticed alot of ipods in the media. There has been 6 Ipod articles in the Sunday papers (SMH and Telegraph) in the last 2 weeks. Most positive but a few negative ones slipped in there too. In the new addition of "Dolly" they...
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    FOUND- 1st Gen Pink Touch Up Paint

    Hey I found this great nail polish that is the exact colour of my Pink Mini 1st Gen. its called : Alloys, Metalic Nail Polish No: 290, Collection 2000 I have used it on 2 chips on my mini, and it worked perfectly and it lasted for ages. So basically its a touch up paint. Sar..
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    Broken Earphones

    Hey, My white stock earphones broke where it splits into separate cords. the white has become dislodged and i can see the wireing. Is it still safe to be using them? im pretty sure i will eventually take them back. Has anybody taken stuff back to an apple centre in Australia, preferably in...
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    What Should I Do??

    Hey, Since I have had my Ipod mini- a few weeks before Christmas, When I reset it (holding down the select and menu button) all these bluse lines come up. It has frozen for a couple of seconds a few times, but today on the bus home something strange happened. I got it out of its hard case...
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    Take a Look - This rips

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. Hey Have You Guys seen what "Helixipod" has done with machined aluminum, He's Made the best ipod shuffle case i have seen. This Guy Is awsome. If you read this I congradulate u on this awsome Piece of brains. Here is the Link...