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    Media Center Question

    I'm pretty much a noob at this, so some of my questions may be pretty basic sorry. Here is what I want to do: I simply want to be able to rip all of my kids' DVD's to some sort of hard drive device that will allow my kids to use something like Front Row to watch their movies without getting...
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    Audio + Video Versions

    I downloaded TMBG: Here Comes Science (Audio + Video Version) for my kids. What I cannot figure out is why all of the video versions of the songs appear in the music section of my iTunes. I had expected that the audio versions would appear under music and that the video versions would appear...
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    4G not Working - HD question

    I have a 4G 20gb. It has had problems. Died once (about 1 year ago) and I smacked it and it came back. It has lots of problems syncing etc. I've now gotten a classic. Here is my question. How do I delete the iPod firmware entirely so that I can use the 4G as a simple 20gb USB drive? Thanks
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    Converting times??????

    Pentium 1.73 GHz 800MHz 504 MB Ram Converting DVD Times: Kids video less than 2:00 Videora - 3 - 3.5 hours Handbrake - 5.5 hrs (and still going) Is this normal? I'm getting the 2.8 iMac soon - what kind of times should I expect with that?
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    iTunes Video Location?????

    Using Windows XP My audio files are stored at: My Documents -> My Music -> iTunes -> iTunes Music but I cannot figure out where my videos/movies are stored. :confused: They are NOT at My Documents -> My Videos Any help would be greatly appreaciated. :cool:
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    Headphones for Cutting Grass

    I rarely use heaphones. I use my iPod in my car, my iHome, or my Apple Hi-FI. When I use them it is usually while doing yard work. I like in-ear/canal/buds. What do you suggest for under $30.00 Thanks
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    Quick Newby Question

    I still have a 4G so I haven't worked with video. I am going to get one of the new iPods. My question: After you rip your average 2 hr movie, how large is the file? Thanks
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    Help Please - HDTV Advice

    Looking to spend about $2,000 on a HD TV. I have no clue. So please help. I'll be sitting about 10' - 15' from the set. The room is neither too dark or too bright. Plasma, LCD, DLP, others: ----What's the difference? ----What makes one better than the others? Definition: ----1080i, 1080p...
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    WTB - Apple iPod dock for 4G 20gb

    PM me if you have one with what you are asking Thanks
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    Who would you like to come out with a Podcast.

    I personally would love for "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" to be available as a Podcast. I also think The Diane Rehm Show would be good.
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    Supreme Court hits File-Sharing Services

    The Supreme Court ruled that file-sharing services ie. Grokster can be sued for copyright infringment.
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    HP Tattoos - Share Yours Here!

    I used this image to change my iPod for Independence Day. Share any designs you have.
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    Magid = good seller

    I bought a firewire off Magid - Reasonable price & shipping Quick shipping Well packaged Good Communication.
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    Marware SportSuit Basic v. DLO Action Jacket

    I have a 20gb 4g - I need it for biking and yardwork (mowing lawn, etc.) Which do you suggest and why?
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    Akron CM-170 Users. I have a Question.

    Do you like it? I'm thinking about getting one. What are the pros/cons? 'preciate it. :D
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    Cassette Adapter Question

    I have an older Phillips Car Cassette Adapter AY3501IV. (Walkman days). It kind of deadens the iPod. Is this common with cassette adapters or is it because its old? Should I just buy the Sony CPA-C9?
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    Backing up iTunes

    Hopefully this is the correct forum :confused: What is the bestway to back up iTunes? I do not have an external HD nor do I have a DVD burner. It seems like a lot of CDr's
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    Applecare Question

    I've searched and can't find a definitive answer. iPod comes with 1 yr warranty. I can buy Applecare any time during that first year. My question: Does Applecare add 1 additional year of coverage or 2 additional years of coverage? Thanks, Any other reason for Applecare - additional phone...
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    Vent Mount Question

    Are there any concerns with temperature (AC/Heater) when using a vent mount. I know you should probably close the vent, but even closed, the vent itself still gets hot/cold.
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    Ex-51 Buying Tip!

    I recently purchased EX-51's: Here's what I've found. You can buy the Regular Ex-51's at for $28.44 + free shipping. They are black with silver insets. The White Ex-51's are $29.94 + free shipping. they are all white. I purchased the Pink Ex-51's for $25.94 + free shipping...