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    Top Ten Signs You Love Your iPhone Too Much

    10) You legally change your name to "Johnny Appleseed" 9) For your one week anniversary, you take your iPhone to the AT&T store "where you first met" 8) Your girlfriend knows that lump in your pocket ain't happiness to see her 7) You always let your iPhone win at Connect Four 6) Even...
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    Will lack of SDK kill the iPhone?

    It's hard to say for sure, but just watching the Apple share price it seems to me that it took a big nose dive ($10-12) right after Steve announced that developers would have to make do with Safari as a way to get apps onto the iPhone. Now I'm guessing that investors could see that having apps...
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    What chance Divx??

    Anyone think that Apple might open things up a little for the iPhone, in terms of the video codecs they allow? Right now it's limited on the iPod, ridiculously so in my opinion, and prevents anything but the crappy quicktime 264 format. It's one of those areas where Apple are starting to show...
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    Deal with the Devil

    It looks at least possible that Micro$oft are going to roll out a WiMax network in partnership with a bunch of other players (intel, sprint, nextel and more) in order to get a Zune phone off the ground carrier-free. This would be a genuinely revolutionary phone if it was to eventuate. While I...
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    Aren't all phones supposed to be UNLOCKABLE?

    Down here in Australia, the telcos are legally obliged to unlock your phone for you, on request, free of charge. Now, I thought the law was the same in America too but it looks as if Apple are trying to make the iPhone locked down tight with the Cingular network. The SIM card isn't removable (as...