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    Solution to 1.2 Update Problem-Albums out of Order

    I'm not posting it in the 1.2 problems thread because i figured more people would see it here, but if mods feel it necessary, please do move it into the thread. So I noticed a lot of people are having the problem with albums out of order on their iPod (because of the new software). After...
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    I'm about to go crazy...I can't add any music to my iPod

    After my old 20gb iPod broke last december, I got a Video 30gb and expected no problems. Now, just today, I tried adding 3 albums and it wouldn't let me. The albums are fine, they play perfectly and everything seems normal. Then I highlight and drag them to my iPod, and they're added and...
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    Protected WMA Files? Help!

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. I downloaded a Marvin Gaye album my friend uploaded for me. It's 10 songs and when I went to add it to my iPod, this came up: anything I can do about this?
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    Bout to use Brasso....last minute tips/suggestions?

    Whats up guys. So I have all the materials to use brasso, including brasso, microfiber cloth, iKlear, cotton rounds, and everything else this website: told me to get. I'm still worried, I...
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    Subtitles Help

    I know theres already a subtitle help topic on this page, but mine is different. So I downloaded a Korean video, and it came with a separate subtitle file. So I figured I could just add the subtitle file to the .avi movie before converting it, and it'd stay with it after the conversion right...
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    Organizing Playlists on iPod?

    Is there a way I can make it so that in a playlist I created, it shows the artists and i can choose from there? Like I mean, for my 30 gb Video iPod, I go Music>Artists>(list of artists) Is there any way I can go Music>Playlists>New Stuff>Artists? This would organize me a ton, cause I recently...
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    How Can I Solve My Battery Problem?

    Ok, so this summer I'll be going on a 12 hour bus trip. I want my 30gb Video iPod to last for as long as possible on that. My iPod usually doesn't last long at all (can barely get through a 2 hour movie). So what should I do? Are there any tricks I can do? Am I doing something wrong? Are there...
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    How do I convert BIN/CUE files?

    What's up guys, I downloaded Kill Bill through BitTorrent, and it gave me a BIN file and a CUE file (one thing I don't get is that the BIN file is 793 MB and the CUE file is 172 bytes, yet they both play the same movie...) that can only be opened through VLC Media Player. Although I have VLC...
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    Help With Audio Synch

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease! I've tried several conversions. I need a fool proof, great method to make sure the audio synchs up with the video. Is there a different conversion program (instead of videora) that does the synchronization perfectly every time? I tried all the bitrate...
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    Give A Sound Conversion Tutorial 4 Dummies

    What's up, I converted Fight Club (avi file) with videora and the sound is not synchronized. It's fine towards the beginning, but at the ending it's a little early. Please help me out with this. Don't direct me to any other posts, cause I've tried following them but they're all confusing and...
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    iPod Skipping Purchased Songs?

    Whats with that? My iPod skips purchased it just goes right by it to the next song. How can I fix that? And also, sometimes when I plug my iPod says do not disconnect, my computer briefly recognizes it (the iPod shows up in My Computer) and then it just charges without...
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    Help Me Not Destroy my Brand New iPod!

    I'm fed up. I've been on this site for basically 2 whole days (minus sleeping, eating, and socializing) downloading all the programs you guys reccomended and following all the tutorials you guys gave me. After around....hmmm, let's see...probably 1,000 conversion attempts I have yet to put one...
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    Quick, Easy Question...Need a Quick, Easy Answer

    Ok, to do all the DVD conversion and decryption to load DVDs on your iPod, do you need a DVD player on your computer? If not...I'ma go buy me a iPod video right now :p