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    Song Start times gettin mixed up

    Not sure where to post this So in itunes, i make use of the song start/end time options for some songs however now on my ipod, SOMETIMES it starts at say 26 seconds for a song that i didnt choose to implement that specific start time on. However this only happens on my itouch and not in...
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    so i just bought a touch and love it i was wondering if i can make shortcuts and put them on the home screens such as: shortcut for changing wifi to OFF (to preserve battery) also my old wall AC adapter for my 3rd gen ipod works for touch too rite?
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    Recommend me a case?

    well i just ordered a 8gig touch :D and would like a case for it:: i looked at the reviews on this site but its just a huge list, would take years to read all of em screen is my #1 priority so a full cover case isnt needed however if its thin then i dont mind coverin entire ipod i sawthese...
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    Ipod 2g 8gig or 3g 8gig?

    Well I originally wanted a zune hd but realized the wait is long and their wifi has many issues (wifi is very important to me) so i decided to go with reliable apple. my library is only 4.5 GB currently but may have movies as well downloaded onto the mp3 player. and also i got a 50dollar...
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    itrip help

    i just got my itrip tonite and i dont know why it doesnt work on box it says find a empty static channel so i do then plug in itrip and click knob for 1 sec, i do and nothing happens
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    Question about earphones

    my apple earphones (came with ipod) part of the white rubber/plastic has been worn out and the inner wires are exposed. Can i send them in to get new ones or what? cool
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    Way to fix battery meter's innaccuracy?

    my battery meter is so off... it goes down 25% in first 2 songs how about you guys?
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    Why do people torture their ipods?

    there's this guy in my bio class and hes the most annoying ######ed kid I've met. So he got an ipod mini around a week ago And today i see it, He colored the top and bottom with a blue marker!! Then at the end of the period it was all smeared and most of the ink was gone. then later, HE WAS...
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    Charging question

    i read somewhere that i should let the battery completely drain out once a month? because i have bad battery results, i use it when walking to school and on the bus or sometimes at night with no equalizer or backlight, total time maybe 2-3 hours and the bar is already halfway. I know switching...
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    Carrying files question

    Ok I know that You can carry files other than msuic on ipod. So I want to bring some photoshop work to my school, and i plan to use my ipod because they have usb ports. All i do is drag the files onto the ipod (f drive)? and if i plug it into my school's comp, will it automatically show as f...
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    need free audiobook

    is there a site with free audiobooks and you dont need a cc like audible?
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    What to use to clean backside?

    the chromey part, just clean not remove scratches. I'd prefer something found around the house.
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    beware of jeans pocket

    i put my ipod in my jeans pocket today and when i took it out, there is all this blue and black fuzz all over it and some inside my case. I get mad and when i get home i immediately clean it. Wiping with towel and using windex to clean case, its all right now. Never put it in jeans!
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    ideal time to charge?

    what percent should i start charging? ideal to save battery life
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    how loud do u listen with ur ipod?

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    foam earbud protectors

    earbug protectors ive only had my new ipod for a day and they fell off twice! luckily my pocket catches them but is there any way to keep them on?
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    WOOOT finally got my ipod

    4G 20 gig ehhe rite now its chargin in my comp and tranferin same time. It says do not discconnect but what happen if i do? like charge halfway
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    look at this beast

    beast here
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    itunes library question

    i jsut noticed that i have 2 copies of every song in my library that is in my playlist, but when i try to clear one it is gone from my blah
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    earphone question

    would these earphones work for ipod? they came from my cd player in china a long time ago, they also have a remote on them. Would thise remote work on ipod too?