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    Copy-protected CD, how do I import?

    I just bought Paul McCartney's Chaos and Creation in the Backyard , and it won't appear in iTunes. How can I import the files? I want to put the album on my iPod.
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    How common are iPods where you live?

    I see them everywhere in my high school. Most of them are minis, though. There are a couple of 3Gs and 4Gs around, though. Seriously, you need a machete to cut through the white cords in my hallways. How often do you see them in your school/office/place of residence/town?
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    I need help replacing my iPod

    There's a problem with my iPod's screen and it's under warrenty so I want to get it replaced. I filled out Apple's forms for product repair and submitted, but at the last moment I noticed that on the last page (the page that asks you for your address, phone number, etc) that my town/city was...
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    Is it possible to reverse the clickwheel's direction?

    Hi, I've ordered an iPod and should be receiving it in a week or so. I've been wondering though, having used one that belongs to my friends and being left-handed, I've found that I'm usually turning the wheel to the right more often than not. This is pretty uncomfortable for a leftie (or maybe...
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    I can't add files to my iTunes library

    I installed iTunes today and I can't add any songs to my iTunes library. Clicking File>Add File To Library and File>Add Folder To Library both produce what you'd expect, a window wher I can select the files or folders I want, but once I click "OK" or "Open" nothing happens. I also can't drag and...