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    Loading PDF Files: iTunes Wants to Erase my iPod Touch

    I have a new 5th Generation iPod touch, and want to add some PDF files onto it, to read in iBooks and/or Kindle. I've installed the Kindle app and the iBooks app. I've also read a few web sites that explain how to do this. I've dragged the PDF files into iTunes, I've hooked up the iPod to my...
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    Zoom Feature: Enlarging Title & Artist Text in Music

    Hello, I'd like to ask a question about the Zoom feature in the 5th Gen iPod Touch, please. When I play music, the title and artist text is too small for me to read clearly without my glasses or contacts. I listen to music in bed before going to sleep, and don't have my contacts in or glasses...
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    Show Duplicate Items Grayed Out and Disabled in iTunes 11

    Hello, I have a question about the Show Duplicate Items option in the View menu of iTunes running on Windows 8. I’ve ripped my CD collection to my hard drive, and am loading my 32 GB iPod Touch (5th Generation—I just bought it this weekend) via iTunes. I have numerous tracks with...
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    Native App Icons: Remove Them, or Just Move Them?

    Hello everyone. I just bought an iPod Touch 5th Generation 32 GB yesterday and so far am enjoying it immensely. I understand that the so-called “native” apps that appear on the main screen by default cannot actually be deleted off the device. I've numerous threads and articles about this...
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    E-Mail App: Can I Color-Code Each E-Mail Account?

    Hello. I just purchased an iPod Touch. It is the 5th generation, which I believe is the newest. It's running iOS 6.1.3. Please consider me new to Apple products. My question has to do with the mail app that was built into my Touch. I have my own personal domain, and have nine e-mail...